Hibiscus Flower 🌸
  1. My arm
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    Kinda cool. Blends in with my freckles.
  2. My hand
    4b5b9054 10e6 43e4 a4f0 ed395dff9919
    And my nails are saying "its been a tough week"
  3. My pajamas
    7c781ef5 69ce 455a 983d a3e6f4a16381
    I also tore them making them unwearable and I'm so sad about this.
  4. My shoulder
    Ecbc1414 8717 4fec 8976 b16b88ec657e
  5. My funny shoes
    A3ecbd73 5295 428c 9683 fa29204dedd8
  6. The ceiling
    Bcb1551a 4527 4fa7 837f 7381c89b6a97
    What do I do here? Do I have to paint the ceiling now too?
  7. Not the dog
    42e3ff9b 7973 4f55 b4c8 358dfe7d2112
  8. But the ceiling again
    7ed537b6 568d 4362 b8c0 88cbc2ae8bea
  9. And the wall that's not supposed to be painted.
    E0b8d479 e186 4fa9 8044 95a2b885d2a0
  10. In the end it was all worth it
    C9b5971e e389 40ed a0e3 f944c26d1dbe
    And ready for artwork to be hung!