There are so many different styles of poetry and so many wonderful poets. But to get you started, I've noted two sites to listen/read through. I'm also suggesting 2 poets I adore.
  1. New Yorker Poetry Podcast
    Great way to listen to different styles of poetry and poets to hear what you like. I'm a firm believer that poetry should be read aloud.
    I could spend all day sifting through poems on here. Some poems have an audio button to listen to it being read.
  3. Anne Sexton - For My Lover, Returning to his Wife
    her poems are like secrets. She has a way of writing that exposes all her truths. This poem is my favorite. She was my first real introduction to poetry.
  4. Lexi Rudnitsky - A Doorless Knocking into Night
    Her writing is contemporary, fun. Poems that leave you wanting to know more. This collection is a really good read.