What I've been obsessively listening to after my recent breakup.
  1. I Figured You Out by Elliott Smith and Mary Lou Lord
    I've listened to this 10k times in the last week. Alternating between the Elliott Smith version and Mary Lou Lord version depending how hurt I want to feel.
  2. One Headlight by The Wallflowers
    The last time I felt this heartbroken it was the 90's so naturally listened to my favorite song about dying from that time.
  3. River by Joni Mitchell
    God if only I could escape. Skate away.
  4. Untouchable Face by Ani Difranco
    Because I found out he was dating another girl on Instagram! FUCK YOU!
  5. Gin by Amy Correia
    I'm sober so can't go to a bar, get drunk, and find a new person to screw to help me through this time, so I listen to this song and pretend I'm in it.
  6. Thank You by Alanis Morrissette
    This was a surprise healer. I got a sinus infection and was prescribed antibiotics and the first line in this song is "how 'bout getting off of these antibiotics". I had that line stuck in my head so had to listen to the song. And it was the perfect song to end the grieving of this heartbreak and thank the universe for the lessons learned in the experience.