1. Cold weather
    And the big cozy coats, gloves, and scarves to protect yourself from it. AKA shopping for wardrobe.
  2. 5th avenue.
    Christmas lives here.
  3. Ice Skating
    In the park or at Rockefeller Center.
  4. Hot Nut carts
    They're so much more yummy when it's cold out.
  5. Celine's Bouche de Nöel
    My friend makes a delicious Bouche that's worth the trip just for a slice.
  6. Waking up to an empty NY on Christmas day.
  7. Snowflakes
    Even if a big snow doesn't fall, you're sure to catch a flake on your nose.
  8. Friends
    Best friends will be in NYC!
  9. Museums
  10. ALL the plays
  11. Coffee/Hot Chocolate dates
  12. Spending time with other poetry nerds
    Maybe even reading a few in public.
  13. Dare I say it
    Macy's. You don't have to shop, but to see all the stories walking around you and the holiday songs and the screaming kids. You just need about :30 min then leave.