Just a few songs from the Spotify playlist I made. Listen to these and other songs of places I've never been here -> http://spoti.fi/1Q2waSN
  1. First we take Manhattan by Leonard Cohen
    Then we take Berlin!
  2. Is There Life on Mars by David Bowie
    Because there are places in space!
  3. Look at Miss Ohio by Gillian Welch
    The night I met my bestie she covered this song in her set. It will always remind me of her. This song is so beautiful and the line "I wanna do right but not right now" are words we lived by.
  4. Lake Ponychartrain by The Be Good Tanyas
    Once I drove from Baton Rouge to New Orleans and I swore that I was driving the causeway across Lake Pontchartrain that I put this record on to really make the moment special. Well I got to New Orleans and checked the map and I wasn't crossing it. I was still on the part of the 10 that touches a sliver of the edge of the Lake.
  5. Kansas City by The Basement Tapes
    I love Marcus Mumford's voice in this song so much.
  6. Africa by ToTo
    This video!!!
  7. Minneapolis by That Dog
    I was at the Jabberjaw. The cutest boy I ever saw!
  8. Angel from Montgomery by John Prine
    Opted to drive straight to Birmingham from Mobile on the Lost Highway than go to Montgomery on that trip. JOHN PRINE!!!
  9. Santa Fe by Beirut
    My mother walked in while I was listening to Beirut once. She asked why the hell are you listening to funeral procession music!
  10. Rock Star by Hole
    Live Through This is an incredible record.
  11. Tampa two Tulsa by the Jayhawks
    Kill to places I've never been with one song.
  12. The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd
    Unless you're an Apollo astronaut. And if so are you some kind of robot?
    Suggested by @gwcoffey