Stuff Hanging on My Walls

I'm redecorating and finding new appreciation for my things. All my walls are covered in photos, prints, art, etc. Here a few of them.
  1. I took this the day after the great NYC blizzard of 2006. My friend Monique was a perfect model for it and this shot became my Xmas card that year. Not sure if you can tell but there are devil horns on her cap.
  2. A poem written about me and giving to me by one of my poetess loves, Yesenia Montilla. Next to my grandmother's wedding bouquet from 1951.
  3. An old Belgian movie poster for The Kid.
  4. A screen print on wood by David Hochbaum. One of my favorite artists.
  5. B&W photos of my mother and I as children.
  6. This is a khakis campaign advertisement that hung in the Gap store I worked at when I was 16. This hangs over my record player.
  7. A 1940's print of a Boston Terrier by the Gladys Emerson. A friend gave it to me because it looks just like my dog.
  8. A NYT photo of Chaplin standing on Douglas Fairbank's shoulders during a liberty bonds rally on Wall St. in 1918. I've always been mesmerized by this photo and was overjoyed when I found it being sold for pennies at an estate sale.
  9. A BTS photo of Chaplin during the filming of The Kid given to me by friend Megan who acquired it from Bobcat Goldthwait who she was working for in the early 00's. He was gonna throw it away!
  10. Me at 18 at the Arcadia bowling alley.
  11. My riot grrrl youth. A flier for Ladyfest Los Angeles which I was an organizer for in 2002.
  12. B&G Danish plates. These were designed by my grand uncle Kjeld. I have these everywhere like a good Dane.
  13. A photo of my grandparents at a B&G Christmas dinner. They met while working there. This is in the dining room of course.
  14. This hung in my Great Grandmother's home in Denmark and then in my Grandmother's home and now in my home.
  15. A drawing of flowers and a vertebrae my friend Margaret Gallagher gave me on my bday. And a screenprint of a spine on wood by a local artist I bought at a street fair.
  16. A photo of a man in a suit I bought at a charity auction. And a postcard from Hatch Show Print I bought on my first trip to Nashville.
  17. Just one of my grandmother's beautiful cross stitch pieces hanging in my kitchen.