I bought a new bookcase and not all of my books will fit in it. Listed are a few of the titles that are getting donated.
  1. The Blender Way to Better Cooking
    "For Every Day...Every Meal...Everybody". If you ever wanted to make things like Jamaica Swizzle, Golden Glow Salad, Jellied Tomato Ring, and Dried Beef Griddle Cakes, this book is for you!
  2. Birthing From Within
    An Extraordinary Guide to Childbirth Preparation. Maybe there was a time where I may have wanted to think about having a child...
  3. Radical Gratitude
    And other life lessons learned in Siberia. From this book I learned the term "rectal retinitis" and the answer to the riddle, What goes ha, ha, ha, thump?
  4. Ferdinand de Saussure
    way too smart for me. I gave up trying.
  5. Shylock's Daughter by Erica Jong
    A Novel of Love in Venice. "She goes back in time to become the young jewish heroine who meets and falls in love with a young Will Shakespeare." I can't.
  6. Name Dropping by Jane Heller
    "What if two very different women had the exact same name..." This is the type of book you take to read by the pool in Palm Springs. I've never been to Palm Springs and don't have immediate plans to so out she goes!