Boys edition.
  1. Don't not check in day of to reiterate/solidify plans - say hi.
  2. Don't wait for her to check in 15 min before meeting time to make sure you're still on
    This is not her job and it's inconsiderate.
  4. Don't show her all the pics of your recent vacation.
    Umm, you just met.
  5. Don't keep asking about her job when she politely says she doesn't want to talk about work.
  6. Do pay for the bill
  7. Do offer to walk her home
    This is where she will politely decline the offer and thank you for the night.
  8. Don't be negative about LA when you've already had the "where did you grow up" convo and she states she's born and raised there.
  9. Do laugh if she laughs or makes a joke
    Even if it's not funny
  10. Don't stare awkwardly at her tattooed wrists while she's talking and not say anything
    This makes her feel like she needs to put her hands in her pockets.
  11. Do ask her questions about herself.
    We like this a lot.
  12. Do compliment on the way she looks, her outfit, purse, phone case, whatever.
  13. Do be excited when you talk about yourself, your adventures, your life.
  14. Don't open your arms out wide and say "c'mon bring it in" when she offers her hand in a friendly shake at the end of the night.
    This is just weird.
  15. Don't say "I hope to see you again soon!" "I'll be in touch" " let's do this again"
    See 13.