1. La Fourmi Cafe
    Recommended to me by a NY friend, I went here my first night in Paris. Good food. Good wine. It reminded me of those bars in WWII movies that american soldiers visited and tried to pick up on french girls. The only cigarettes they sell are Lucky Strikes.
  2. Hop on Hop off Bus
    The best way to explore a city in a limited amount of time. The bus takes you to every landmark you need to see and the best part is that you don't have to get on the same bus you got off. ie. get dropped off at Notre Dame and walk over to the Louvre then take another bus to Champs Élysées. A great way to learn and see the city.
  3. Picasso Museum
    Skip the Louvre and go here instead. This museum is beautiful and dedicated to his work and the works of artists he associated with. Immerse yourself in his blues and portraits before losing yourself in his cubes.
  4. Get your haircut like Amelie in the first salon you find in Montmartre.
  5. But a ticket to a play and try to figure out what's going on just by the actors' tones and body language.
  6. Visit a McDonald's.
    They're better there than they are in the US. Plus, if you want to get a beer with your Big Mac, you can!
  7. Go to Gare du Nord
    watch all the people come and go. Take in the age and construction and beauty of the station and compare that of the contemporary trains. Maybe buy a ticket to somewhere outside the city.
  8. Shakespeare and Co.
    If you're missing the U.S. and being around American English, go here. The staff are mostly all American and you can peruse English language books.
  9. The Eiffel Tower
    My favorite thing about Paris. It's the first place I visit when I arrive, and the last place I go to before I leave. If you are really adventurous, walk up one of the legs of the tower all the way up to the second tier. So many steps, but worth every one when you see the city from such great heights.