For beginners
  1. Outsource
    Whether it's hiring a housekeeper, travel agent, online secretary, or a friend to help you sort paperwork or your garage. Figure out the things you DON'T have to do and relish the extra time to do whatever you want to do. This could result in Hours of free time!
  2. Make lists 😍
    And work on items from least to most time consuming. The more items you check off, the more you get done. That feeling of accomplishment motivates you to carry on. (See also Outsource)
  3. Schedule
    Schedule you're chores, tasks, dates with friends, dinner, phone calls, etc. In your calendar and set alarms. Stay within those time frames. Give yourself realistic limits. Only do what you schedule yourself for. If you dont finish, schedule for the next day.
  4. Multi-task
    What can you double up on? Waiting for an oil change? Take your dog on a nice long walk, schedule appts, respond to emails, call your mother.