1. You get your feelings back
    The best and worst part about quitting drinking
  2. You have more money
    To spend on $5 lattes
  3. You're ability to talk to boys goes out with all those empty bottles you threw out
    Especially the boys you're mad crushing, you end up sounding like an idiot, get tongue tied, lose all confidence.
  4. You lose a lot of "friends"
  5. You realize who your friends are
    And you gain all new appreciation for them
  6. You drink a lot of sparkling water
  7. You don't smoke anymore
    Cuz it's gross and not at all as romantic as you thought it was. Even on Parisian trips. Well, maybe only on Parisian trips is smoking romantic but you're still not doing it.
  8. Your skin is brighter and more clear
  9. You start to plant things.
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  10. You get nervous, overwhelmed in crowds.
  11. You don't have anything to blame your bad decisions on anymore
    But how good of an excuse was whiskey really?
  12. You eat more sweets than ever before
  13. You cry more in therapy
  14. You prove you can celebrate your birthday and remember every second of it the next morning
  15. You wonder if it's okay to think that maybe someday you'd like to drink again.
  16. Good things happen/start to fall in to place
  17. You become more honest with yourself and others
  18. You start to remember things you thought you forgot
    This has been pretty awesome and painful.
  19. Everything you do feels like you're doing it for the first time
    This is exciting and also sad to think that there's so much I haven't done sober.
  20. You get scared when you find out there's rum in the dessert you just ate
    Even though liquor burns off.
  21. You assure people over and over that they can drink in front of you
    I promise that it's not going to make me want a drink and I'm not judging you for drinking.
  22. The woman you've always wanted to be seems more attainable now
  23. You wish you would have stopped sooner