With pictures! Updated as I eat it!
  1. Jack's Wife Freda
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    A place that claps when you enter is the only place to start your day! I love everything about this restaurant and want to eat here every morning. Shown is the eggs benny - eggs/salmon on potato latkes covered in beet hollandaise. I also had the Orange blossom pancakes - best I've ever had.
  2. Grey Dog Coffee
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    Their coffee is really good. Unfortunately, I couldn't finish the food. Really dense pancakes that were hard to swallow. I have been going here in the eves to read and journal.
  3. Anjie's holiday party
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    Restaurant delivered sushi. Not the best and not the worst, but free and enjoyed with good company.
  4. Maze by Gordon Ramsey
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    Skip dinner and get the Chocolate Decadence dessert.
  5. Hartwell's holiday party
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    Pulled pork from Blue Smoke with vinegar based sauce. Goddamn! Also shown - homemade sides.
  6. Ken & Cook
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    Shrimp & Grits are a-ok! Waffles are no good, though.
  7. Oro
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    Best damn chocolate scone in all of New York City!
  8. Two Boots Pizza
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    I NEVER go to the LA pizzeria, but it's a must whenever I'm in NYC. Here's the Cleopatra Jones. I take the onions off, because onions are gross.
  9. Joseph Leonard
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    The steak was red and juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside. Great for a date.