I have no good excuse but this is what I've been up to
  1. Writing and designing the blog I have scheduled to launch in 2 weeks.
  2. Prepping for and attending/working at WonderCon
  3. Pulling up the carpet in my bedroom
  4. Hiking all the time to clear my mind/walk dog/get exercise/not go crazy
  5. Eating everything, and then eating some more
  6. Attending early morning breakfast meetings with rad ladies doing amazing things
  7. Admitting I have a shopping addiction
  8. Ignoring said shopping addiction
  9. Getting my haircut even shorter.
  10. Re-watching The Walking Dead
  11. Realizing that a list could have been made for each and every thing I was doing while not making lists.
  12. Being completely charming and witty as ever at lunch with @vp last week ;)
    Suggested by @vp