By first, I mean right when the restaurant opens. So technically it's breakfast.
  1. I get to choose where I want to sit
    Not where they want me to sit. Only the best table in the place for me!
  2. I get all the attention
    The waitstaff make sure I have everything I need. What else are they gonna do. There's no one else here!
  3. I can listen to the overhead music clearly and bop my head to it
    Sometimes, if it's a song I like i ask them to turn it up. I sometimes do this just to see if they will and if they do, add a body move to the head bop.
  4. I don't have to over hear conversations from other tables
    Sadly this is lost when other people come. Like now, the woman at the table next to mine is saying the word fuck over and over again. Excuse me miss, It's not even 10am yet.
  5. I get the freshest coffee
  6. I don't have to wait forever for my food
  7. I don't have to wait in lines
    I hate lines.
  8. I can read the paper and write notes and practice being the crazy old lady who sprawls all her belongings on the table in public places.
    You know the one. 💪🏼