What dudes have written to get my attention on dating sites OKC and Tinder
  1. hello.
  2. I figure anyone who chooses that username is my kind of girl. I've never seen the movie, but I looked up that scene on you tube.
  3. You look great for 37. You look years younger
    At what age does looking great usually stop?
  4. Im very sincere about looking for a LTR and just one special woman.
    Aw that's sweet... Then ⬇️
  5. Just to let you know, I have an open marriage, but that's a whole different story. Please don't judge.
  6. Hey! Read my profile and let me know if we're good for each other. 🍉
    What does the watermelon mean?
  7. Hope we can be a match. Is it okay for us to know each other well?
    Let's start by saying hello
  8. I think you should dare to disturb the universe and write me back
    Not until you double dog dare me
  9. The fact that you read books, visit museums-- well, those tidbits just made my writing you that much more of an inevitability.
    I wear glasses too!
  10. Ever up for light erotic mischief?