And how I use them. Any other listers EO lovers?
  1. Breathe
    I drive through actual fields of hay to get to work every day, so allergies are rough on me. Putting Breathe in my diffuser every night has made such a difference.
  2. Bergamot
    To be honest, I just think this is the greatest scent ever. I put it in a rollerball and use it as perfume. I think it is also a calming scent?
  3. Lavender
    Really, the all-purpose EO. It goes in my diffuser to relax, in lotion to soothe skin, on the bottoms of my feet, in roller balls to calm. There are so many other uses I still have not discovered for lavender yet.
  4. Wild orange
    So yummy! I mix it in lotion with some lavender and peppermint for a perfect wake-up scent. I believe wild orange is how happiness smells. It also gets dumped in my diffuser when I diffuse during the day.
  5. Peppermint
    Helps settle my stomach and energizes. Usually I mix it in some lotion to dilute, since I find the EO super strong.
  6. Melaleuca
    I know melaleuca is good for acne, but I haven't found the way it works best for me yet. Any suggestions? Straight it is too potent for my sensitive skin, but when I put it in a rollerball it does nothing.
  7. I use a couple others, but I am not convinced of there effectiveness.
    Oregano? Geranium? Lemon?