1. My dad has been telling me about a dog named Fred for months.
  2. I went to school with his owner, Charlie.
  3. From the way my dad talks about Fred, I thought he must be the Jesus of all dogs.
  4. It's confusing because my parent's dog, Watson, is the best dog ever.
    I pretend that Watson is my dog, even though I live in a different city and see him like every other week. He is perfect.
  5. My dad sees Charlie and Fred every Sunday, and when I talk to my dad he always tells me about Fred.
    Fred sat at Charlie's feet during church. Fred was walking around leash-less while everyone was eating dinner. Fred is awesome. Fred wagged his tail. Fred is short for Alfred. I know so much about this dog!
  6. My dad has been talking about his literally every week for months.
  7. "Michelle, you have to meet Fred!"
  8. I started to wonder if he was trying to subtly set me up with Charlie?
    This seemed odd to me because even though I haven't talked to Charlie since high school, I am positive we are not a match.
  9. My dad hasn't been this obsessed about anything since 2084.
  10. FINALLY, I met Fred.
  11. He is awesome and adorable and as amazing as my dad said.
    I'm not sure I was doubting that this dog was adorable, but I definitely questioned Fred's awesomeness.
  12. But, then again, every dog is the most awesome and adorable dog ever.
    I think that is the moral of the story.
  13. (Especially Watson!)