After a very stressful week, I am in need of a list of reminders that I do not always have to feel like a big bundle of stress.
  1. Light a candle
    Many candles
  2. Turn on my diffuser
    I bought a diffuser recently, and instantly fell in love. BUT it conflicts with my love of candles occasionally, like when I can't decide which one I want.
  3. Read
    Usually something that I have read several times before... Let's just be real, usually Harry Potter.
  4. Hide.
    I will straight up hide from people. I like to put as many doors as I can between people and myself when things aren't going well. When my grandpa died, I took out my sleeping bag and slept in my closet for a month (my dorm room closet was inexplicably the size of a small bedroom).
  5. Bath.
    Oatmeal bath, essential oils, Adele, steaming hot water.
  6. Dog
    Or any other furry animal
  7. Walk
    This goes with dog. Walking a dog is so therapeutic. I wish I had my own dog, but that is not yet a reality.
  8. Sleep
    My bed is my safe place. I could spend all day in my bed happily reading, eating, watching tv, laying there, scrolling through lists, and of course sleeping.
  9. TED Talks
    I save all the talks that I want to watch and every once in a while I destress by learning everything I never knew I needed to.