I have my 8th graders write poems titled "If I Was In Charge of America" and this is what I got.
  1. "If I was in charge of America I would put invisible lasers around the prisons"
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  2. "I would let people have guns but not do anything stupid with them" please, tell me how. "WEST SIDE "
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  3. "I would let everyone by guns easily and make peace be mandatory." What a perfect combination.
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  4. "If I was in charge of America I would make dessert for breakfast, lunch, and dinner" Me too.
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  5. He was paying attention to the vocabulary! This is exciting!
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  6. "Also you can have a free tiger"
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  7. "If I was in charge of America you wouldn't have to drive anywhere to get stuff it would be delivered to your house automatically "
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    Google drones, you have your first customer
  8. Wait, he already built the wall?
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  9. "I would lower the drinking age to 10"
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  10. This is so sweet. And organized and well thought out.
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  11. "Free hot pockets for 1 month every year"
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    So hot pockets are healthy now? You would wouldn't be moneyless?
  12. "If I could, I would change criminals from a disgrace, to making hem feel like they belong"
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    Okay? You realize this might be out of even your grasp?
  13. I have no idea what she would do if she was in charge of America.
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  14. "You would t be in fear You wouldn't be hunted like a deer You wouldn't be workin at Sears or write a letter that starts with Hi instead of peers."
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    He had me until Sears
  15. "I would rid of any corruption in the senate or house." Good luck with that!
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  16. "There would be books from all kinds of places to read in bookstores." Woohoo!
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  17. Second amendment y'all "people wouldn't need an arm in the house, because every house would have a gun in every room."
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  18. She's ambitious! "A whole new government... New laws, and make a democracy". Finally!
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  20. "I would make America peaceful, dynamic, And unique"
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  21. "There would be anarchy, Amy Poehler would be Vice President. Anzi (Aziz?) Ansari would be the military leader." This is actually my dream team. #knope2016
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  22. Is my chemical romance still a thing? "I would be a savior of the broken, the beaten and the damned"
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    Is this a song lyric? Did she just copy MCR's plans for America?
  23. What is with kids and the purge! I am terrified of this!
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  24. I will actually let him be in charge of America "If I were in charge of America I would legalize weed, put a tax on it and use the tax money to end world hunger"
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  25. It isn't often that I get to see the silly, creative side of my students.