1. I may be cocky, but I know I am a good teacher.
    It's year two for me, and I know I am a better-than-average teacher. There are links to work out, but I know what I'm doing.
  2. Despite this, I cannot win.
  3. My students hate school; they hate learning.
  4. These are some, but not all, of the reasons why:
  5. TV tells kids school sucks.
  6. The internet tells kids school sucks.
  7. The Internet tells kids lies that make them believe they do not need school.
  8. Their parents tell them they do not need school.
  9. Their parents laugh at the dumb blond child that is their teacher.
    This might be specific to me.
  10. Turning teachers into jokes has become a national pastime.
  11. Teachers are not paid enough.
    We do 12 months of work in 10, and then only get paid for 10. I HAVE A MASTERS DEGREE. None of my friends that work at Apple have a Masters, and they make twice as much as me!!!!!
  12. Students spend too much time in school; their brains cannot handle sitting in a chair for that long.
  13. It always works out that there are 33 students in your 6th period class.
    This is too many students. It is too late in the day. They are cranky, I am cranky. They feed off each other and I can't blame them. I respect that they are human beings (even if they don't respect my humanity).
  14. Administration doesn't respect teachers.
    This gets me the most. The moment admin fails to back up a teacher, students realize they don't have to do anything you say.
  15. There is not accountability for failure.
    You can get straight Fs in 7th and 8th grade and go on to high school. This does not help students be successful or bring them closer to graduating high school. Retention is not the answer, but there must be some accountability.