I wrote this, and it has become painfully obvious that I have an addiction. (Like rehab addict!)
  1. Hilary is magic, but list it! Always list it!
    Love it or List it is fantastic. They never have enough money for the renovation, so they slap on some paint and stage it really well. The family will have all the same problems!
  2. I can't wait until I can afford to buy my own home.
  3. Can Chip and Jo be my parents?
  4. How many children do they have?
    They keep multiplying. Or maybe that's just their goats...
  5. Would it be worth moving to Waco to have a Fixer Upper house?
    No. Waco is scary. There is a reason the families can buy a house for like $15.
  6. I need a house.
  7. Are the Property Brothers gay? No!!!!! 🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉
    Go down a deep Internet rabbit hole to find out more about their lives.
  8. Drew has a girlfriend, Jonathan is single.
    This is confusing. Obviously Jonathan pulls all the weight on the show.
  9. Maybe my parents will give me their house for free? And money to renovate it?
  10. Wait, why is Drew nice and Jonathan naught?
    This does not make sense to me. Stupid commercial.
  11. Appropriately sizes furniture is key. Got it.
    I don't have money for furniture, let alone a house or shitty condo. Why do I even watch this channel?
  12. So... Moral of the story is that I should move to Canada so I can afford a house.
  13. Now following the Scott Brothers on Instagram.
  14. AND they have a podcast? Downloaded!
  15. They went on a cruise? Why wasn't I on it?
  16. There's never money for additions.
  17. How many people turn around and flip their house for tons of money?
  18. I need a beat up house in a great neighborhood to renovate.
    Oh wait, my parents already have that house!
  19. Property Brothers is soooo much better that Buying and Selling
  20. Where are they shooting?
    Virginia, Pennsylvania, Chicago. Not helpful. Why don't you go to California? Oh wait, houses cost bajillions of dollars and no one can afford to live here...
  21. When the property brothers redo my imaginary house Jonathan will fall in love with me and then I will have a gorgeous house.
    And a gorgeous, talented, strong, funny boyfriend. And my life will be complete.
  22. I need a free, gorgeous, open concept house.
  23. Is Tarik (sp?) and Cristina's daughter okay?
    I think she might actually be sick. She always has "appointments" and looks anemic.
  24. Of course Christina went over budget.
    And yes, it was worth it.
  25. Oh no, I've seen every single episode of Property Brothers, Buying and Selling, Fixer Upper, Love it or List It, and Flip or Flop ever.
    Oh wait, there are new episodes coming In January. 💯💯💯