I realize I am voicing a very unpopular opinion. You should all know that I hate Donald Trump more than most people. It scares me that there are people in America that feel Trump would be a good president.
  1. I've been teaching my 8th graders how the government works, and it reminds me that everyone in America could use a refresher course...
  2. Trump is running for president.
    This might seem like the worst ever, but the president is the head of the executive branch. The president does not have the power to write or vote on laws. This means that he would not have the power to do many of the things Trump wants to do.
  3. There are three branches of government.
    The president is one person in one branch of the government. Each branch has its own responsibilities, and is limited by the other two branches. (Aka limited powers, checks and balances, shared powers)
  4. Congress.
    Right now, Congress is Republican controlled, but Congress tends to swing back and forth, so within 4 years, Democrat will have control back.
  5. Supreme Court.
    I personally think the Supreme Court is the best branch because they are the ones protecting my rights (except for Scalia and Thomas, obviously).
  6. Donald has never held political office.
    Statistically, a president's first 100 days are their most effective. Donald Trump, no matter what, will not be ready for this. By the time he figures it out, his 100 days will be over and we just have to sit tight for 3 1/2 years.
  7. The Constitution.
    The Constitution states that no person, even the president, is above the law. For the first time in his life, Trump will have to follow the law.
  8. Trump must follow the law.
    Since he has never followed the law in his entire life, he will be impeached quickly.
  9. Along with the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and other amendments.
    There are a list of rights of individuals. While Trump may think only of himself, his policies must protect the rights of all people equally. RBG has my back.
  10. Trump cannot use his own money.
    There are rules for a reason. While Trump is rich, this will or actually help him as president. He must find room in the budget to deport all Muslims and build his wall, and Obama reduced the debt some, but not enough.
  11. And let's just be real... We should t waste our time worrying about things that are NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.
    HRC smiles bigger every day because she knows that her chances of winning get better the more Trump opens his mouth.