Mind you, he did like me at one point, then we finally kissed, then he asked if we can go back to being friends LOLOLOL
  1. Oh, you must be bored with your friends if you're texting me!
    Remember how you never introduced me to your friends? I remember every time!
  2. You're giving me specific details of where you're at with your friends, as if you'd like me to join but never explicitly invite me so I can't just show up like a weirdo.
    This annoys me so much because I want to spend time with you even though you rejected me!
  3. Now you're gonna talk about the celebrity crushes you're in love with yet I'm right here CLEARLY still into you
    Yes, the bassist from Reggie Watts' band is cute and DUH Tatiana Masalany is very perfect, but (not to be braggy) but I'm pretty cute and REAL and like you (but still getting over you) and you're not making me feel good about myself!!!!!!!!!
  4. Seriously, WHAT IS YOUR DEAL??!!?
    I can't help but still find you interesting and still want to be friends, but you're killing me. Why don't you like me? You never gave me a reason, you walnut!