This list is going to be long and is going to continue growing 😊. It is also, for the most part going to be in chronological order
  1. Cheetah Girls / Hannah Montana
    I was 8
  2. Justin Bieber
    Good lord, this was almost 6 years ago
  3. Cody Simpson / Big Time Rush
    Went with my friend & her friend, ended hanging out with the girl she hated most (who also attended the show) by accident because my friend ran off with her friend & I bumped into the girl she hated (I was friendly with this girl)
  4. Cody Simpson
    I got to meet him whack was extremely exciting since it was my for M&G
  5. 5 Seconds of Summer / One Direction
    It was 2013, before Zayn left, so I guess it's pretty cool that I saw 5/5
  6. Bruno Mars
    One word sums up this whole concert: "Damn."
  7. After Romeo
    I saw them at a few free mall shows, before Devin left
  8. Warped Tour 2014 (Mountain View)
    I saw my favorite band Ghost Town when they still had 4 members. I also met Damon Fizzy, aka my favorite YouTuber ever (still to this day, even if he doesn't make many videos anymore) as well as Johnnie for the first time
  9. Warped Tour 2014 (Salt Lake City)
    We traveled from California to Utah to see Of Mice & Men on Warped Tour since they didn't come to the California dates. I met Damon & Johnnie again, but I also met BryanStars this time
  10. Parks & Devastation Tour
    Chiodos, Motionless in White, Bring Me The Horizon, A Day To Remember. (I got hit with a toilet paper roll during All Signs Point to Lauderdale 😂) ADTR put on an incredible show. 10/10
  11. Black Mass Tour during Halloweekend
    Hated Drama Club (SORRY!) But this was the tour date that Black Veil Brides recorded for Alive & Burning so that was pretty cool since I was like second row. Falling In Reverse put on a pretty freaking incredible set too
    I ALMOST DIED BECAUSE I FELL DOWN DURING BEARTOOTH & NO ONE WOULD HELP ME UP. But other than that Pierce the Veil & Sleeping With Sirens were pretty freaking incredible. Kellin sang my favorite line of Iris while looking at me (I still sob 😭)
  13. Self Help Fest
    I had VIP so I met a bunch of cool bands like PTV, SWS, FIR, & Breathe Carolina. Didn't get to see my two most anticipated set [Breathe Carolina & PVRIS (I saw two songs though)] bc of the M&Gs. Met Andy from Crown the Empire too
  14. Future Hearts Tour
    SUCH AN INCREDIBLE LINE UP. Almost got pushed down stairs with a whole bunch of people during ISSUES & All Time Low bc people think it's okay to push. All the bands had amazing sets though
  15. Twenty One Pilots @ iHeart
    THIS WAS SO UNPLANNED. My sister won tickets ONE WEEK before the show. We met Tyler after their performance. He was so tired, it was adorable
  16. Warped Tour 2015
    ALMOST DIED AGAIN. Six people fell on top of me during Piece the Veil & I'm a bit claustrophobic & NO ONE WAS HELPING US UP. OTHER THAN THAT it was a pretty great day. Met Chris Linck from ATTILA, also Damon, Johnnie, and Bryan again as well as Jordan Sweeto. I DIDNT GET TO SEE PVRIS AGAIN THOUGH BECAUSE THEY WERE ON THE SAME TIME AS PIERCE THE VEIL. STILL BITTER.
  17. Twenty One Pilots
    This was one of the days they filmed for Blurryface Live!! The crowd was horrible, I had a panic attack (I'm not the only one) because we were swaying & I would not be able to handle falling after the two previous times at the other concerts, so I went to the back. My sister held Tyler's hand during Holding On To You, held up Josh's drum set during Ride & Tyler's drum during Trees. I'm happy she got all those experiences because Jordan was a bit of a dick to her after the show
    SAN DIEGO. THE DATE THAT WAS CANCELED. (All sorts of things went wrong that day) Austin had health problems. I was extremely disappointed because we had been waiting there since 8am but Crown the Empire did a little acoustic set (bless their souls) and I met all of them plus Benn's brother Danny, who I had a big crush on. So, though the day didn't go as planned, it still turned out pretty great.
  19. Self Help Fest 2016
    I got to see ISSUES & A Day To Remember again. ONE OK ROCK performed & I thought their set was incredible. I was at barricade for like 3 sets, one of them being CROWN THE MOTHERFUCKING EMPIRE. YES I FINALLY SAW THEM AFTER TWO MISSES. They performed Johnny's Revenge AKA MY FAVE JOHNNY SONG EVER SO THE EXCITEMENT WAS REAL. All in all, it was a great day. I wasn't ever sore the next day surprisingly, though my feet did hurt walking around Universal Studios the next day
    I'm seeing Fall Out Boy in March on the ONE FREAKING DATE PVRIS ISN'T GOING TO BE THERE. I'M SO UNBELIEVABLY FRUSTRATED BUT EXCITED AT THE SAME TIME. Update 03/22/2016: PVRIS might be going but no one knows for sure. Update 05/12/2016 PVRIS wasn't there but everyone else absolutely slayed