Shows air right now that I catch up with on a weekly basis.
  1. The @mindy Project
    This show makes me pay for Hulu. Who pays for Hulu unless they love something so much?
  2. Agents of SHIELD
    There are serious flaws, but I stay for Brett Dalton's jaw. And FitzSimmons. This OTP is everything.
  3. Limitless
    Based off a Bradley Cooper movie I loved years ago, it's a chance to see a gorgeous, scruffy Jake McDorman. I feel like they're blowing through storylines really fast (as crime shows do thanks to solving a case per episode) and could stand to explore characters for fear of burnout.
  4. Project Runway
    I used to never watch this show except in passing. Then I caught a quick catch up marathon and found Ashley. She's putting plus size fashion in the forefront and I'm so excited to see her at NY Fashion Week in the finale!
  5. The Nightly Show
    It started out rough, but damn I love Larry Wilmore. Even more, I love how many people of color this show puts on air. They're leading in representation and entertainment on television right now.
  6. The Daily Show
    I don't know that Trevor Noah has found his stride yet, but I'm looking forward to see where this goes.
  7. Arrow
    It's so bad. But I have to keep watching in hopes it will get better. We've come too far for them to just ruin it (but they're getting damn near close).