2015 IN 📸

I take a lot of pictures. Here's my review of 2015, with photographic evidence. 🙃
    Started off 2015 still drunk, half naked in a friend's bed after a wild New Years Party in SF. Much of this month was a blur. Also, got a tattoo after a tinder date I ended early.
    My younger cousin was killed in a car accident and I drove the same route he took to get to his funeral. I'm not religious but that was the first time I prayed in years. But it was amazing to see what an impact he had on people's lives because his old high school put on a tribute night for him.
  3. MARCH
    I went through a break up after dating for 4 years and did what any logical girl would do... Go on a weekend getaway trip by yourself to the beach, get a Friday the 13th tattoo, and get a drastic haircut. ⚡️BANGARANG ⚡️side note: almost broke my hand because I'm clumsy as fuck.
    Only adding this because let's not forget the time the love of my life favorited my tweet. 💕
  5. APRIL
    I started looking for a new place to live since living with an ex boyfriend isn't the best thing to explain to a date. Also, I started being artsy as fuck by putting my embroidery skills (yay, art school) to work.
  6. MAY
    THNKS FR TH MMRS! I found a new place to live via Craigslist. I took my stuff and my cats in the middle of the night when he wasn't home so I didn't have to deal with the awkward goodbye. This is the first time in 6 years I've had a room to myself. I ended the month with another tattoo on the back of my ankle that says "J'ai obtenu cette."
  7. JUNE
    Got really into buying myself flowers. Enjoyed a sunny day at the beach. Got two parking tickets within two hours of each other. Took a lot of photos of my cats. Drove two hours to see my brother. Went to SF's gay pride parade for the first time. Bought designer lingerie FOR ME. I learned to start doing things for me this month.
  8. JULY
    I went to a book signing of my favorite author, Chuck Palahniuk, and finally got my favorite book signed by him. I also went on some really good tinder dates- including one to see death cab for cutie.
    I went to Outside Lands, a three day music festival in San Francisco, by myself- which apparently no one does anymore? My dear friend moved back to Sacramento and we had a bonfire to send her off. Another friend hurt her neck and we spent the day in search of a skee ball game at a bar. But, the guy in the picture turned my world upside down- into the most complicated non-relationship I've never not been in...?
    I turned 25 this year. Meaning, I had a quarter life crisis. So naturally, I went on a three week birthday-palooza with my sister in Spain, Italy, and France. It was the best worst trip I've ever been on. Our flights were delayed. We fought on my birthday. We got rained on. We missed our train. We got lost several times. I dropped my phone in the Grand Canal. Updated Instagram via her phone. Also got another tattoo on back of my ankle that says "Je Regrette Rien"
    I started watching a lot of The X Files. I quit my job to start a new one and immediately hated it. But, they sent me on a lot of business trips so I travelled a lot. I spent my first day ever on the job in Reno and got drunk with coworkers. I would soon learn I was a distraction to the guys in the office. I got my fifth tattoo of the year on Halloween of a skull. I handmade a Poison Ivy costume. Ended October by buying a burrito and walking to boy in August's house to cuddle, drunkenly.
    Confession: I really like watching Say Yes To The Dress. So instead of working, I pretended to be a blushing bride to be when I saw this wedding dress. I wanted to cry because my sister wasn't there to experience that moment with me. Also, spent Thanksgiving with the boy back in August's picture. Still unsure of what the relationship (?) truly is.
    I quit my new job to go back to my old job. I went on a date with a girl from work when boy from August cancelled on me. A coworker who is in love with me took me on a date to go ice skating for the first time. My sister got engaged and asked me to be her maid of honor. I learned I didn't take nearly enough pictures this month. Had to ask my family for money for the first time ever. Drove home for Christmas. Enjoyed an old friends birthday with a new friend (see picture).
  14. Overall, I learned a lot about myself in 2015. 🙏🏼