None of these photos are actually mine, but I've drank my way through SF over these eight years and haven't even scratched the surface. I'm making it a goal to drink once at every bar now and documenting my way. And I'm sure I've missed a few I've been to before.
    If any, it's on San Francisco State University's campus. I drank with one of my professors here before I had my final exam.
  2. Shannon Arms
    Very Irish bar full of college students. I convinced a guy to buy me a drink and he bought me a Long Island Iced Tea which I immediately drank with a friend and left.
  3. Yancy's Saloon
    A decent place to go to watch any sports game since they have a ton of televisions or play darts in the city.
  4. The Riptide
    A bar with live music and bingo. Also, the one place I almost got arrested that one time in college but we don't talk about...
  5. Grandma's Saloon
    Vaguely remember this place as I made my way down Taraval Street.
  6. The Four Deuces
    Also vaguely remember was full of college students.
  7. Pittsburgh's Pub
    The blurriest picture I could find to represent that time I broke up with my ex boyfriend I lived with, convinced my friend to skinny dip in the ocean with me, and get a man at the bar to buy me pizza.
  8. Durty Nelly's
    Surprisingly good bar food with a ton of locals.
  9. The Taco Shop at Underdogs
    Usually has sports on the television and sting margaritas. Also, the tacos are bomb.
  10. Blackthorn
    Vaguely remember this place but know they had decent beers on tap. I think I went her to watch a UFC fight... possibly?
  11. Mucky Duck
    Surprisingly big bar for how small it seemed to be outside. Also, right outside a public transportation stop.
  12. RICHMOND DISTRICT- The Bitter End
    Probably the best place for trivia nights in this area. Also, kept calling an Angry Balls (fireball whiskey plus an angry orchard cider) an angry orchid.
  13. Trad'r Sams
    A tiki bar with scorpion bowls (aka death in a punch bowl) that you won't remember drinking or leaving the bar. Drank one by myself and missed my flight the next day.
  14. Would You Believe
    Would you believe it if I told you there was a shot called "wet pussy" or that shots are less than two bucks?!
  15. The Abbey Tavern
    Another Irish sports bar with a bunch of college kids, but actually plays pretty good music to dance to.
  16. Ireland's 32
    A decent sized bar with solid music during the weekend to dance to. Also crowded with college aged kids.
  17. Pizza Orgasmica
    I'm disgusted with how fast I ate this pizza. A solid selection of beer though.
  18. MARINA DISTRICT - The Comet Club
    The night I went, they were playing there was old school r&b. I came home with a pack of their matches and I couldn't tell you how.
  19. The Tipsy Pig
    I'm a sucker for lemonade, and this bar had a strawberry lemonade cocktail that doesn't taste like alcohol. Also, let my number for a bartender and he actually called me back.
  20. Silver Cloud Karaoke
    Usually crowded with Marina Frat Bros.
  21. NORTH BEACH- 15 Romolo
    So hipster it hurts. Also hidden away on a side street so I feel like it's a best kept secret.
  22. International Sports Club
    Awkwardly designed layout of bar. Plus side is it's across from Bimbos 365
  23. Barbarossa Lounge
    Cages and bondage as the decor. Also, the guava and gin is to die for.
  24. DOWNTOWN SF- Lefty O'Douls
    They have a piano player some nights. Decent beer selection if you're into the basics. Also, they have a buffet once you get hungry.
  25. The European
    Ugh dated the bartender here, so I avoid it now. Decent cocktails but definitely overpriced because of the location.
  26. Bartlett Hall
    Good sized space with decent cocktails, beer and food. The inside was decorated really well and I remember wishing my house looked that way.
  27. Johnny Foley's Irish House
    This is making me realize there are a lot of Irish bars in the city. Always crowded, so not worth it to go on a weekend.
  28. Union Square Sports Bar
    Located in a borderline sketchy neighborhood. Cocktails are at least $10 here so if you're getting beer, get a pitcher. Has darts and pool and some kind of sports on all the time.
  29. Pandora Karaoke
    Also in a borderline sketchy neighborhood. Drinks are insanely expensive because they know you need liquid courage to sing. Entertaining to watch others though.
  30. POLK STREET- Edinburgh Castle Pub
    Has two levels. Weekends are obviously crowded. I discussed at length with an attractive bartender about the "Yeezus" album when it first came out.
  31. Upcider
    If you didn't know about this place, you'd probably never find it. It's up a staircase next to Vertigo. It has huge windows to look out onto Polk Street. Cider list ranges from local to foreign and the food here is amazing.
  32. Vertigo
    Always full of people dancing away. Too crowded for my taste but somehow always ended up here.
  33. Mayes Oyster House
    They move the tables out on the weekends to make a dance floor. You're lucky if you can get a drink from here during that time. I've had to hoist myself onto the bar just to shout my order. DJ usually plays good music to dance to but you'll leave sweating off 15 pounds.
  34. McTeagues Saloon
    Looks like it goes on forever but it's just an illusion. Like every other place on Polk, it's crowded. Beer selection is just okay.
  35. Playland Bar
    The bar downstairs looks nice right? Well walk upstairs and there's another bar with a dance floor and couches. Walls are all glass so when it gets crowded it looks like that thing that happens to your bathroom mirror after you take a shower.
  36. Whitechapel Gin Bar
    Honestly, I would recommend everyone to try this at least once. The decor makes the place look amazing. Cocktails are good (and strong because I'm a sucker for gin). But know that your bar tab will be sizable because it's definitely not cheap.
  37. SOMA- The View
    Probably the most bougee place I've been. Cocktails are okay, but overpriced. Of course people just come here for the view because it is beautiful.
  38. House of Shields
    Usually have live music playing. Decent beers and cocktails. Weird mixture of crowds though.
  39. The Pink Elephant
    Known for their brunch and mimosas. Vaguely remember going and leaving this place though.
  40. 21st Amendment Brewery
    Usually crowded, especially during baseball season since it's so close to the stadium. Hell or high watermelon is my personal favorite. But you really can't go wrong with any of the beers. Also have growlers for sale for anything on tap. Food is also delicious, with an up level full of tvs.
  41. Coin Op Room
    The place in general is really cool. The furniture, games and decor are all things I'd want to own. It was crowded when I went but that's also because it had just opened.
  42. Palomino
    Pricey cocktails but there is a patio outside that does happy hour all day long. It's one of the best views in the city of the Bay Bridge since it's right along Embarcadero.
  43. Pedro's Cantina
    Big space for a lot of people considering it's right across from the ballpark. I worked as the doorman one night and asked literally every person to see their id. Drinks are usually strong, depending on what bartender you get. They have a margarita with a full Corona upside down in it- which is dangerous. Food is good- highly recommend the tacos.
  44. Alchemist Bar
    Really wide open space with a solid choice of classic cocktails, beer and their own cocktail creations. There's a elevated lounge that's perfect to people watch from.
  45. Woodbury
    Gastropub that @supercommonname and @im_yon had "free drinks" at. Moscow mule was really good. They also had the original Nintendo with games to play.
  46. Lucky Strike
    I mean, it's a bowling alley with a lounge. Wouldn't be my first choice to go to.
  47. DOGPATCH- Third Rail
    My best kept secret in the city. You can buy a shot, a beer, and jerky as one of their specials. All the jerky is good and varies in spiciness. I told the bartender it was my first time and he made me a Pinup (which literally tasted like a big stick popsicle) and then continued to make me different cocktails he thought up based on how much I liked the first one.
  48. Smokestack at Magnolia Brewing
    Very industrial with communal tables. The food is delicious- you can order different types of meat and sides. Delicious beer on tap and even a cider!
  49. MISSION- Trick Dog
    Either everyone is here or no one. Weekends are hard to get a drink because there is so many other people. Cocktails are amazing but take like twenty minutes because they are so intricate. Bar food is delicious and worth trying multiple things out.
  50. Dear Mom
    They have waffle fries and a photo booth so this is my place. Beer selection is decent but it's always easy to find a place to sit.
  51. Bottom of the Hill
    Mainly a music venue but the bar had an okay selection of beer. Cash only which is common in the mission now so they have an ATM inside. Sometimes there's a cover to get in for the band.
  52. Bender's Bar and Grill
    Cash only bar with bills stapled to the ceiling. Mainly local beers on tap. Usually have a band playing in the corner so it can get crowded. There's a pool table and jukebox too. Also, the food here. You can never go wrong with the tater tots.
  53. Zeitgeist
    Known for making one of the best Bloody Mary's in the city. Full of tattooed bearded men. Amazing selection of beer on tap and cans so SF beer week here is a must. Also have food here but I've never tried it. Outside is big enough to find a place to sit most nights. Also cash only.
  54. Elbo Room
    I'm into dive bars so this is a personal favorite. Longest running happy hour I know about. Cash only. They have a pomegranate lemonade cocktail that taste like nothing and always my go to. Sometimes has a di or live music going on.
  55. Clooney's
    Quite the older crowd that frequents here. And by older I mean old enough to be my parents. Considering they open at 5 am, they get alot of regulars. I remember coming on two separate occasions where at 11 am I was offered free donuts by the bartender. On the second, I was offered free shots of jameson which I drank, broke my phone in the bathroom and then ran home to throw up in my own bathroom with my guy roommate holding back my hair.
  56. The Phoenix
    Also another Irish pub. I only had one beer here because I wasn't impressed. Weird layout of the whole space.
  57. Southern Pacific Brewing
    It's in an old warehouse so there's plenty of space to stand or sit- inside and outside mom the patio. All their beer is good. Also, the food here is delicious. The mac and cheese is too good to pass up.
  58. El Rio
    One of my personal favorites since I frequent it so much. I've gotten to know the bartenders since I was in love with one of them only to find out he was married with a child. $2 Tecates on Monday nights. Usually has a band or dj playing inside and patio get packed. Very friendly with the lgbtq community. Cash only.
  59. Iron and Gold
    Bartender wasn't super friendly when I went so I'm a little put off considering I was like one of four people in the place.
  60. The Royal Cuckoo
    It's always dark inside. But there is a solid selection of cocktails and beers here. Also has a patio outside.
  61. The Rock Bar
    Not the biggest selection of drinks here but a cozy little dive bar of the main strip.
  62. Kilowatt
    Cash only bar. Decent beers on tap. Usually pretty crowded.
  63. Double Dutch
    Not a personal favorite of mine and try to avoid here by any means. Friday nights is hip hop night. It's a good place to go if you want to dance but have it be really crowded. Bathrooms are disgusting because you have to walk through the crowd of people grinding on each other just to pee.
  64. Beauty Bar
    The girls bathroom's wallpaper is a photo collage of James Franco and kittens.
  65. Bruno's
    Again, no somewhere I'd go willingly. Usually have to pay a cover in cash. Got in free one time because some guy in front of me told the bouncer I was with him for Frankie's birthday. To this day, I don't know who Frankie is or how his birthday ended up.
  66. West of Pecos
    Usually crowded but only had a beer when I went.
  67. Latin American Club
    One of the best places in the city to buy a margarita. They are always strong.
  68. Beretta
    One of the best places for a fourth date, if you're willing to spend the money. They are open late so a late dinner option is always in the cards. Really good cocktails and food.
  69. Knockout
    A dive bar that usually has a emo night Thursday's with my friend as the DJ. All vinyl!
  70. Virgil's Sea Room
    A nautical theme inside the bar with a big patio in the back. Pretty good margaritas. Right next to El Rio.
  71. Rosamunde's Sausage Grill
    Solid selection of beer on tap. Also the sausages are delicious with so many different flavors.
  72. Doc's Clock
    Cash only bar. Happy hour specials are reasonable. They have shuffleboard
  73. Cease and Desist
    A place I'd take someone on a second or third date. This photo is the back bar with another bar right when you walk in. They are usually playing an older movie on the tvs (last time I was here it was the karate kid). Very hipster decor with an upstairs too.
  74. Teeth
    They have specials every night. $1 tacos and 2 for 1 margaritas on Tuesday and 25 cent wing Wednesday- you can't go wrong here.
  75. The Dubliner
    Another Irish bar with a smoking room. One of favorites of being able to get away from the main strip.
  76. Caskhouse
    A place I'd go to for a first date. A decent selection of beer, wine and cocktails with appetizers. Usually not crowded so talking with a date is easy.
  77. Amnesia
    Really small space for a bar. Good choices of beer on tap, including local drafts. Not a place I'd frequent a lot though.
  78. Valley Tavern
    Has a patio in the back. A lot of tvs usually with a game on.
  79. The Bar on Dolores
    Cash only with a few beers on tap. A good place to catch a game but the bar is a giants and cubs bar.
  80. Shotwell's
    Aptly named for being off Shotwell. A $12 card minimum for a wine and beer only bar- no hard liquor. Pool table and pinball games in back with room to sit in booths or at the bar. Very older vibe to the place with an oil painting of a naked woman above the bar. One of the few places that carries sour beer on draft and bottle.
  81. UPPER HAIGHT - Mad Dog in the Fog
    Big space for a bar, but usually has a sports game on. Came here for Saint Patrick's Day one year.
  82. Martin Mack's
    I think it's renamed to HQ? When I went they had a flip cup championship tournament going on with people in different colored shirts. It was weird.
  83. DUBOCE TRIANGLE- Lucky 13
    Diviest biker bar I've been to. Apparently way back when it used to be a big hangout for the lgbtq community since it was so close to Castro and then slowly bikers started to show up. Lots of space to sit - at the bar, upstairs, outside on the patio.
  84. The Mint
    Not the best selections to drink but people come here to sing anyways.
  85. Brewcade
    Solid selection of drinks with a ton of old school arcade games. One of the best places I've been on a date to. They also have a huge screen above the bar that people play MARIO Kart on.
  86. Cafe Du Nord
    They redid the entire inside recently. Obsessed with the wallpaper in the second bar room. House cocktails are $12 and delicious. The food is just as drool worthy. They occasionally have live bands playing too. Great place for a possible first or second date.
  87. Churchill
    Literally on the corner of Church Street. Lots of wood in the interior. Tons of space to sit - or stand when it's busy on the weekend. Cocktails are decently priced. Even has a pool table!
  88. DESIGN DISTRICT- The Willows
    Rotating craft beers on tap so SF beer week is a must at this place. Brunch menu is to die for with bottomless mimosas. There's pinball games next to bar and even board games to play when it's less crowded. There's enough space and little hideouts to have a solid group of people and still talk- which is hard to do in a bar.
  89. Butter
    Some of my best nights were here at butter. Such a dive bar in the fact that they have deep fried Twinkies, strong Jell-O shots, popcorn and give you a bottle of beer in a brown paper bag. It's right across the street from Slim's so it's always a good stop to grab a drink before seeing a show.
  90. LOWER HAIGHT- The Page
    I wish there was a decent picture of inside. Went on many first dates here. It's cash only with a solid beer list. Enough space to sit- not just at the bar but at actual tables- and dark enough inside to feel romantic... if that's even possible at a dive bar. One of my favorites is the city that I don't get to as often now.
  91. Barrel Head Brewhouse
    Another solid choice to go to for brunch with bottomless mimosas. All the beer on tap comes out of a giant torpedo (as seen above). They not only have their own beer they brew but a ton of guest beers. Cocktails are made strong. Sangria is always a good choice here too.