I dropped my bag in the mall today and realized I need to do some spring cleaning. Am I a hoarder?!
  1. Keys
    Very important considering it contains my car, house keys, and a bottle opener. Please note the Deadpool and "EAT A DICK" key chains I'm proud of.
  2. Mini Wallet
    Made from a map of California, specifically San Francisco. I grab this when I don't want to carry a purse.
  3. Marc Jacobs Wallet
    Contains all my other junk I don't really need but have like gift cards and library cards.
  4. Lock with key attached to hair tie
    I need this to lock my purse up at work because I had twenty bucks stolen out of my purse before. TRUST NO ONE.
  5. Fortune from Panda Express
    Found loose in side pocket.
  6. Passport
    I should definitely lock this up so I don't lose it.
  7. Birth control pillls
  8. Three pens
    All vary in pressure, but my favorite is Le Pen on the far left.
  9. Four MAC Lipliners
    In Morning Coffee, Bespoken For, Stone, and Cherry. Clearly signifying which ones are my favorites.
  10. One MAC lipstick
    A matte one in Stone
  11. Five Kat Von D's Everlasting Liquid Lipstick
    In Bow n Arrow, Lolita, Outlaw, Exorcism, and Vampira. Would bet my life on this brand for how well it stays.
  12. Travel size perfume
    Complete with Marc Jacobs Daisy inside.
  13. Nail polish
    Taken with me to have my nail salon match for my gel manicure. Have yet to take it out.
  14. Rosary
    I'm not religious, but I was raised Catholic. I bought this at St. Thomas Church the first time I traveled alone to New York.
  15. Power adapter
    Because I have been a savior not only to myself, but for strangers because of this.
  16. $0.31 in loose chnage
    This is the worst.