*an indication of how nervous I was to go on this date (LIQUID COURAGE HELPED ME ASK A BOY OUT)
  1. A shot of Makers Mark whiskey
    Before I changed my outfit for the second time
  2. Another shot of Makers Mark whiskey
    Before I walked to BART to meet him
  3. Four swigs of Pepsi
    After I closed my apartment door before realizing I smelled like whiskey and didn't want to brush my teeth
  4. A Drakes IPA
    At Make Westing Ron, a bar we went to before going the Fox Theater.
  5. Two Blue Moons
    While at the Explosions In The Sky concert I asked him to
  6. Two Fort Point Native IPAs
    At Lost and Found, a beer garden he suggested after the concert
  7. Two Sips of Sonoma Springs Mission Bell Sour
    His order at Lost and Found that we got kicked out of since it closed at midnight
  8. One more beer I don't remember
    At Cafe Van Kleef, another bar he suggested because neither of us wanted to go back to the city or end the night, but I vaguely remember leaving via uber.
  9. Two glasses of water
    At his house, so I could sober up.