1. January
    Crestline, California // final wedding tasting with my sister and got a room full of strangers to dance with me
  2. Static
    Stockholm, Sweden // stayed up for 24+ hours and partied until 5 AM on a pirate themed boat with two Swedish guys that accidentally paid for our drinks at an Irish bar
  3. February
    South Lake Tahoe, California // an anti Valentine's Day weekend that turned out to be anti-anti Valentine's Day but taught a friend how to snowboard
  4. March
    San Luis Obispo, California // took a road trip to LA and stopped to eat
  5. Static
    Los Angeles, California // went to the forum to see Bon Jovi where I was the youngest one there
  6. Static
    Santa Barbara, California // had a date with the one that got away
  7. Static
    Byron, California // jumped out of an airplane at 13,000 feet and almost threw up on the guy because I forgot to remember to breathe
  8. Static
    Yucaipa, California // my sister's bridal shower was the most stressful event.
  9. Static
    Surprise, Arizona // Dodgers vs. Rangers game where we ran into our high school ASB teacher while shot gunning beers in the parking lot and missed 7 innings
  10. Static
    Scottsdale, Arizona // learned my translucent skin is not ready for 88 degree weather
  11. Static
    Mesa, Arizona // Giants vs Cuba game where I realized there were wayyy more Cubs fans that I thought existed.
  12. Static
    Peoria, Arizona // Dodgers vs Mariners game where the girl in the white tank top was more entertaining than the actual game. She dropped her $12 cocktail as she sat down and then dropped her food.
  13. Static
    Phoenix, Arizona // we learned how easy it is to sneak into hotel resorts to pool hop to try to meet baseball players.
  14. April
    Riverside, California // flew home for my sister's final wedding dress fitting. It's only a month away. My dad made us Easter breakfast. And then, today he drove me at 4:30 AM to make my flight in Orange County.
  15. Static
    San Diego, California // North Park's breweries tour de force on my first night and a bachelorette night where I can cross drinking free shots with my older sister off my bucket list.
  16. May
    Crestline, California // I cried the second I put the veil on my sister's head for her wedding. She looked like a cake topper- in the best possible way. I drank two glasses of wine before I gave my maid of honor speech, where I made most of the guests cry.
  17. June
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania// After starting a new job at the end of May, I got sent out here and fell in love with the city. I convinced my boss to extend my stay so I could really look into relocating here. A tinder date slept at my hotel and talked in his sleep. I partied in the streets when the Penguins won the Stanley Cup with locals who accepted me as their own for the night.
  18. Static
    Guerneville, California // went for a day trip along Russian River with my best friend and her pup Scully. Lost a pair of cheap sunglasses along the way. And realized rafts aren't dog friendly for pups that don't like water.
  19. July
    Tempe, Arizona // Spending the month in the boiling heat for work. Learning black clothes aren't the best idea in 100 degree weather.
  20. August
    Tempe, Arizona // flew back from SF for a weekend and became the longest staying guest at this hotel. Learned that the Arizona heat makes people do crazy things like hook up with a coworker. Became more tan than I've ever been.
  21. Static
    Las Vegas, Nevada // Spent 48 hours in the city that never sleeps and learned night one it was not for me.
  22. September
    Newark, New Jersey // had a 10.5 hour layover so I spent a total of 1.5 hours here
  23. Static
    Manhattan, New York // took a train into the city where I finally spent the day at the Met and ended it at the top of the rock. Went to the NBC store and was v upset at the lack of Seth Meyers merch when 3/4ths of the store was Fallon
  24. Static
    Milos, Greece // I got stung by a jellyfish twice on my first day here. Laughed when everyone kept calling it the best island (it's true). The beaches were out of this world.
  25. Static
    Santorini, Greece // v upset I was not proposed to here since I was surrounded by couples. Almost was kidnapped by a lady for 10 euros before my law & order SUV instinct kicked in. Rented an ATV and almost fell to my death while driving down a steep hill to get to Red Beach - only to find out there was an easier way.
  26. Static
    Ios, Greece // I drank 15 shots for two free shirts so I'm either an alcoholic or they were pouring me some flavored water because I was sober AF all night
  27. Static
    Athens, Greece // we stayed across from a cemetery with views of this in the background. It was 94 degrees with a million tourists so we took an uber to three different beach resorts that were all closed due to a petrol spill until we finally found one. My flight back was at 620 AM.
  28. Static
    Los Angeles, California // work is on hiatus while we find a new building so I drove 6 hours south. Hit us so many museums and finally went to dodger stadium after years of being in SF. Also, took a picture with this trash.