Inspired by @bjnovak and @WSJ
  1. Favorite game
    I count duo lingo as a game because I'm learning French without it being boring.
  2. Number of unread emails
    Four- one from my new job that I thought I didn't get and cried in the car after the interview and three I don't know how to get rid of.
  3. First app checked in the morning
    Any notifications- usually Instagram, Tinder, and the list app.
  4. Last app checked before bed
  5. Most used app
    The list app coming in at 28%
  6. App most likely to be viewed while in a checkout line
    The List App and Instagram switched intermittently
  7. Most essential app while traveling
    Uber. I don't know how I would have gotten around Europe without it.
  8. Cities listed on weather app
    San Francisco, New York, Paris, Yucaipa, Scottsdale
  9. Favorite shopping app
    Postmates, because I'm a lazy fuck that likes to get food delivered in my pjs with a push of a button
  10. Most recent uber ride
    $11.68 for my pregnant friend to get home after catching up instead of taking the bus
  11. Favorite photo filter
    SE3 from VSCO
  12. Favorite podcast
    None, please recommend! ✨
  13. Most surprising app you depend on
    Bank of America because I'm poor and gotta manage my little money
  14. Person you FaceTime the most often
    This is still a thing?
  15. Most common Siri command
    Never had the need for Siri. Apparently you can change the voice...?
  16. Favorite Instagram feed
    @sanfrancitizens or stalking anyone that's public
  17. Your most liked Instagram photo
    Of one on my page
  18. Static
    But this one actually has more. And from bearded man #2!
  19. Most listened to artist on iTunes or apotify
    Beyoncé after formation dropped
  20. Your most retweeted tweet
    I thought I was going to die when Late Night with Seth Meyers retweeted this.
  21. Outgoing voicemail message
    The generic robot one after I had my voice saying I was out of the country for the longest time.
  22. App I wish someone would invent
    One where the junk mail I get automatically gets deleted