Inspired by one of @dubstep's list. My type now is tall, bearded, flannel wearing men but that wasn't always the case. I know I'm missing a few here and there, but presented in chronological order.
  1. Dated 1 year
    Except he had brown hair. And now had dreads and lives as a snow bum in the mountains.
  2. Dated for 4 years
    Vaguely resembled a younger Keanu Reeves. But now I despise him.
  3. Vaguely dated for a year
    It was more of a hookup when it was convenient, which makes the fact that I was still in a relationship even worse. He was older, looked and dressed exactly like Jason Sudeikis. I was so into it.
  4. One date
    My first tinder date ever. He had two lines of cocaine ready on the bar table when I came back from the bathroom.
  5. One date
    He had a motorcycle. We ended up talking about family problems and he told me about his abusive father.
  6. Dated for three months
    Except a little chubbier. Ended because I ghosted him after he tried to Netflix and chill me.
  7. One date
    He was French and I met him off tinder. Got too drunk and threw up in his room. He put me in the shower and I woke up thinking "wtf"
  8. One date
    He got too drunk to go home and made him sleep on my couch. I kicked him out in the morning at 4 am so I could go to work.
  9. One date
    He was a older bartender with tattoos. I left the date early because he took me to a bar with a bunch of tv's and would respond to questions with a quick one word answer.
  10. One date
    Another bartender that I met while he was working. I got his number after posting a missed connection on Craigslist.
  11. Vaguely still dating off and on for 10 months
    The man I told my sister I was in love with. Also the guy I live listed from his house drunk. Vaguely resembles Marcus Mumford from Mumford and Sons but with a beard.
  12. One date
    He fulfilled my fantasy of riding on the back of a motorcycle. We kissed on the beach.
  13. Hooked up with off and on, but he thought we were dating for three months
    He was a coworker and once he mentioned our relationship that I didn't know was one, I ghosted him.
  14. Dated for 2 months
    Looked exactly like Jake Gyllenhaal. Met him off tinder, where we went on the coolest dates... A brew house, an arcade bar, a movie at the historical near my house, etc.
  15. One date
    Closest resemblance. Was a blind date and went to see Ashanti and Ja Rule. Best friends roommate so we are super awkward now.