1. A lot of you have very strong opinions about this new update...
    And rightfully so.
  2. Like many of you, I'd draft my heart away until it conveyed EXACTLY what I wanted my list to say.
    I'm a Virgo- I can't help it. My email full of drafts looked like a "Works Cited" page of a graduate's thesis paper.
  3. This app has been a part of my life, more than I ever thought it would.
    Back in my day, they called it The List App (noted that previous statement should be said in a very grandmotherly voice)👵🏼
  4. I randomly found out about it through a tweet and downloaded it.
    Was possibly going to use it for grocery lists but thank god it clarified otherwise...?
  5. But I never thought I'd get the sense of community from strangers all around the world, reading what they had to say and engaging in dialogue.
  6. It has allowed me to acknowledge my words matter. My opinions matter. What I have to say is important.
    Yes, seeing that confetti pop up because a list was trending or feature was exciting and yes, I would take a screenshot because it was like equivalent to being insta famous IMO.
  7. You could agree on opinions. Or disagree.
    @Nicholas, I still consider your opinion on burritos a hot take- not a lukewarm one. But to each his own.
  8. It's the fact that I have even stumbled upon a place where I can express my opinions so blatantly.
    Like how no one should go on a date with a man 15 years your senior.
  9. I've also gained some fabulous people into my life.
    A handful I've met in person and many more I only know through social media platforms.
  10. I rang in the new year with @im_yon.
    And convinced him to fly to Sweden with me.
  11. @kate81 listed about her Pacific Northwest trip and met up with myself, @im_yon, @supercommonname and @MichaelRose.
    @list sent us official name tags that I still have hanging up in my room.
  12. And others I haven't met in person.
    Like @eatthelove, who lives in the same city. I saw his partner out at a photo exhibition and knew it was him, solely from how much Irvin snapchats their daily adventures.
  13. @aus10 traveled to Africa- a place I've always wanted to go to.
    I lived vicariously through his updates.
  14. @trev_scott and I Snapchat our daily lives.
    Despite living on opposite sides of the United States, we have a lot in common.
  15. I cried in the bathroom at work when I read about @biz.
    I didn't know or want to explain to these people why I was so emotional over a woman I only knew through her words.
  16. @nikkilounoel sent me a DM to check in.
    I had been MIA for several weeks and the kindness of wanting to make sure I was doing okay will never be forgotten.
  17. There are so many more of you I follow on social media platforms and have the pleasure of seeing their daily lives.
    If I had the patience to tag everyone, I would but I don't so I won't.
  18. I understand this is an anxiety riddled update with negatives that come along for the ride too.
    Initial thoughts: WTF NO WHY OMG FML
  19. But with this app, I've branched out and experienced so many new podcasts and Spotify playlists...
    I didn't even know what Hamilton was before this and now I'm contemplating shelling out solid cash for a seat in the nosebleeds to see the play
  20. To learning how to deal with broken hearts and lost friendships...
    Both suck but the support has been alive and well
  21. To an app I didn't know existed where it can call you and get you out of a bad date...
    @cmschoder came in clutch with this suggestion
  22. To photo diaries of travel adventures...
    Or @nikkifin's daily fashion updates (10/10 obsessed with)
  23. I got help with picking a fantasy football team, after knowing absolutely nothing about any of the players.
    Subsequently winning the entire league and angering all the guys who were very passionate about their players.
  24. You all know more intimate details of my life than my actual blood relatives.
    Fun fact: for a solid week straight, my icebreaker at a bar was that @bjnovak knew all the guys I had slept with without ever having met any of them after he liked that list of mine.
  25. I am in no way trying to be a holier than thou, embrace change type.
    Because let's be honest- if heaven was even real, god's first words would be "are you sure you're in the right place?"
  26. I just hope if you even read this far down, you don't leave list.
    Your words still matter. But I respect your decisions either way. Please keep in touch 🙏🏼