an ongoing list of things I do that I'd rather not post on Instagram...
  1. Contemplating how many hours total I've spent at the airport in my lifetime
  2. Wondering how all my flights seem to be delayed while spending over an hour waiting inside the plane at the gate
  3. Working on my tan in 100 degree weather
  4. Eating the only good Mexican food I've found while being in Arizona
  5. Driving in the middle of a monsoon like I'm a mf'ing storm chaser
  6. Drinking with my boss and coworkers at a hotel I'm not actually staying at
  7. Day-into-night drinking pool parties in the desert heat
  8. Using FaceTime to be with my sister during her ultrasound while simultaneously trying not to cry tears of joy
  9. Treating myself to a pedicure and manicure before work because I deserve it
  10. Taking a spontaneous trip to Vegas (for the first time!)
  11. Realizing Las Vegas is not for me
  12. Gambling in Vegas when I should be sleeping
  13. On a late night date with a coworker I like (I think...?)
  14. Drinking a bucket full of alcohol with the same coworker I went on a date with after spending 24 hours with him
  15. Rosè all day (while feeling way too sunburnt now)