...in the sense that time and money have no limit and I could go anywhere. It was hard to limit myself to a starting point without going through every country.
  1. Fargo, North Dakota
    Originally where my mother was born and a place my sister and I have agreed upon visiting after her passing.
  2. Dallas, Texas
    I'm obsessed with JFK and have always wanted to see the grassy knoll and Texas School Book Depository.
  3. New York, New York
    Mainly to see SNL again and hopefully one day move to...
  4. Newfoundland, Canada
    A place I'd be okay hiding out from adulthood for a while
  5. Mendenhall Ice Caves of Juneau, Alaska
    Holy smokes, I'd stay here forever.
  6. London, England
    To get out all my Beatles and Sherlock Holmes fixation out again because three days was not enough.
  7. Anywhere in Ireland
    What other place would I be able to indulge in potatoes, cursing, and drinking without being judged...?
  8. Normandy, France
    My grandfather was one of the paratroopers that landed on the beach in Normandy and it's a sight I've always wanted to see since his passing.
  9. Sydney, Australia
    Remember when the Olsen twins climbed along the bridge in that one movie? Yeah, I'd want to do that.
  10. Reykjavik, Iceland
    Game of Thrones locations AND the northern lights? Count me in.
  11. Santorini, Greece
    I would be fine doing nothing here.
  12. Venice, Italy
    I've been here once but it would be nice to be in love here.
  13. Tulip fields in the Netherlands
    But seriously. This exists.
  14. Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia
    Worlds largest salt flat and acts as a mirror during the rainy season.
  15. Glowworm Caves, New Zealand.
    The glow worms make this insane effect on the ceilings.
  16. And then wherever my travels may take me...✈️