My drive from San Francisco to Southern California is 9 hours. The longest I've driven is from San Francisco to Vancouver, Canada. These are my essentials.
  1. Red bull
    I've driven through the night by myself hopped up on one of these just so I wouldn't stop. Not something I drink normal, but a staple for any long drive. And preferably the bigger one to chug in the parking lot of any gas station.
  2. Gum
    Mainly my second option when the red bull had worn off. Chewing gum has kept me from falling asleep so many times.
  3. Sunflower seeds
    My brother played baseball when I was younger so I can eat a bag of these like its nothing. I'm so disgusting that I spit them into an empty water bottle to throw away when I'm done.
  4. Orange soda
    🎶who loves orange soda? Michelle loves orange soda. I do, I do, I dooo- ooh🎶
  5. Water
    Also to stay hydrated 🤘🏼
  6. Sour Cream and Onion chips
    I will be 80 and still eating these chips. These are so delicious and crucial for a long drive.
  7. In n Out
    You would be crazy to think I'd drive anywhere and not pull over at an in n out to stuff my face with this deliciousness. One time when I was making a nine hour trip, I sat in my car in the parking lot to eat. There was a man alone in the car next to me. We sat in our respective cars, shoveling the food as fast as we could and made eye contact. He lifted what was left of his burger as a cheers to us being fatasses together.