I worked with a lot of bras for a lot of years. @socks @lizabeth also requested this, so hopefully you all find this. I may redo the photos eventually because they are poor quality. Hope this helps in any way!
  1. First off, let's get your measurement!
    Grab a measuring tape. Any fabric tape would also work!
  2. It should rest where your bra band would normally sit.
  3. Get your band size.
    The first measurement you take is under your armpits above your cleavage. I measure at 34. This is your band size- so how big the bra is around. Second is at the widest part of your chest, around your nipples. I measure at a
  4. Get your cup size.
    You'll measure next at the widest part of your chest, or simply put where your nipples are. This will help determine your cup size after a little math. I measure at 40.
  5. Take those measurements and subtract.
    What you got for the band size (first measurement) stays the same (34). But to get the cup size, you subtract the second number from the first. The difference is your cup size. 1=A Cup 2=B Cup 3 =C Cup 4=D Cup 5=DD Cup 6=DDD Cup and so on. So 40-34=6... Meaning my size is a 34DDD.
  6. Next, your bra!
    To get an accurate fit, go for a bra that has no padding but light lining. The one im wearing is Body by Victoria Demi because that's the one that is the truest to size from Victoria's Secret.
  7. What to look for in a proper fitted bra...
  8. Cups
    The center should be relatively flat with your body. The underwire should hit fully with your breast tissue on the sides. The cup should lay flat with your breasts. You should not have any part of your breasts spilling... Anywhere. That means the cup is too small. If you have too much space in the cup where it gaps, the cup is too big.
  9. Straps
    The straps should not leave indentations or red marks. That means the strap is too tight and will cause more back problems in the long run. Try loosening it to where your shoulder blade sits. If your stamps are falling off, try ones that are full adjustable where you can tighten it a little more.
  10. Band
    Always hook the bra on the loosest hook. Bras will not fit as tight as you first bought them if you wear them frequently without switching with others. This allows you to tighten the band the more you wear it. To tell if it fits correctly, you should be able to put two fingers and pull with an inch of space. Any less, it's too tight. Any more, the band is too big.
  11. What an ill-fitting bra might look like...
  12. Cups
    My breast is literally spilling out of the cup. I call that the double boob and you can tell because your bra won't lay flat in a shirt. The underwire is also too narrow. You can see how low the cup hits near my armpit. It will dig in to my armpit the longer I wear it.
  13. Band
    The band is too tight. I can't pull the band any farther away from my back. This will leave red marks where the bra was sitting once I take it off.
  14. Now, types of bras and how they should fit...
  15. Strapless
  16. 🚫
    A common misconception is to go down a size got a strapless. My size is 34DDD and this bra is a 34DD. The cup is too small because it's not covering all of my breast. I have extra tissue coming out the top. The band is sitting lower because I'm not getting the support I should. A effect of this is constantly pulling up your bra all night when you wear a strapless.
  17. ✔️
    The cup is resting flat with my natural cleavage so there is no gapping or sliding down. The cup is also sitting right on the sides so I won't have to pull them up all night. It's giving me the lift the first one didn't have.
  18. Push up (the ones with padding)
  19. 🚫
    The cup coverage looks good. The straps aren't loose. However, it's not giving me the "push up effect" but weighing me down.
  20. 🚫
    It's weighing me down because the band is too loose. I'm on the tightest hook and it still has all that give.
  21. ✔️
    The cups are good. The straps are good. I'm getting a natural 〰 with the push up because the band is supportive.
  22. ✔️
    I have a little space with three extra hooks to tighten the more I wear.
  23. There are so many other types bras but a demi, strapless, and push up are the most common.
  24. Ask any questions you might have and I'll answer them to the best of my ability!