This took forever without drafts but I was really searching for the right pieces without breaking the (invisible) bank with high end designers. Really just looking to get paid to shop for people so if Harry ever reads this- oh hey 💁🏻 Also, sorry not sorry about this list but @nantea got the feels too
  1. For those of you unfamiliar with Harry Styles, he was 1/5 of One Direction and now 4/5 One-Direction-turned-solo-artist...
    Probably my favorite photo of him because A) I'd wear this outfit B) I own something similar to everything pictured and C) his look is all about a black base with neutrals, florals, and textures
  2. ASOS Chelsea Boots in Black Suede
    Gotta start with the right kind of shoe. Black Suede is an obvious and easy choice because he has so many. Sticking with the pointed toe since it slims his size 10 feet.
  3. Christian Louboutin Roadie Suede Chelsea Boot
    Treat yo self 2017. I saw these in person and I felt like my bank account drained just being in its presence. But you pay good money for a quality shoe, not quite as pointed as I'd like but the high sides make up for it since he never cuffs his pants. Very similar to his brown suede ones but these are more of a charcoal.
  4. ZARA Red Leather Ankle Boots
    He's into statement pieces like his floral suit and leopard suit (someone pls tell me you remember that!?) so he's not afraid of color. Has worn gold and leopard pairs before. Into these because of the color and the heel and would be perfect with an all black outfit or black jeans/white shirt combo.
  5. ASOS Super Skinny Jeans with Ripped Knees
    Obviously the closest to what he wears regularly. Not as distressed in the knees as I'd like them though.
  6. ALLSAINTS Tallis Pant
    Stepping up his wardrobe because these trousers can be dressed up or dressed down. Comes with a cuffed hem and not as tight around the ankles as he's used to.
  7. ASOS Viscose Fit Shirt with Revere Collar
    As one of the few people that can get away with unbuttoning his shirt down to the last rib, it's all about patterns and colors if his pants are black.
  8. ASOS Satin Pajama Shirt
    Using texture and floral pattern to make a statement. Apparently pajama shirts are in now? Pairing with the Tallis Pants dresses it up a bit.
  9. ALLSAINTS Kauai Short Sleeve Shirt
    Muted colors for this pattern so pairing with the skinny jeans would work out. Pattern isn't a typical floral design but enjoy
  10. ASOS Vintage Floral Shirt with Raw Hem
    All about the florals to wear so throwing this one in for another option.
  11. ZARA Hibiscus Print Shirt
    I'd actually buy this shirt to wear on my own. Could easily pair the red boots and black leather jacket with it so it becomes a standout outfit in itself.
  12. ASOS Oxford Shirt in Burgundy
    Everyone looks good in burgundy. That's a fact.
  13. ASOS Silk Shirt in Mustard
    Throwing in one dress shirt since this can easily be dressed up for an event or dressed down to wear out. I'd pair this silk with Tallis Pant, but keep it untucked. Do people still tuck their shirts?
  14. ALLSAINTS Stanton Suede Bomber Jacket
    He wore that silk Saint Laurent bomber jacket for a performance once and I was obsessed. But having a simpler version of it that can go with basically everything and subbing silk for suede.
  15. ALLSAINTS Leo Suede Leather Jacket
    The pop of leopard is enough to make the jacket a statement piece and very much a throwback to his leopard suit/black shirt outfit. The color alone allows it to get a good variety of lights and darks usage in a wardrobe.
  16. ZARA Checked Blazer
    Channeling Harry Styles during his debut performance of Sign of the Times on SNL. Can easily turn this blazer from day to night.
  17. Also v casually throwing this outfit choice (scarf included) because I'm into it for look inspiration and would 100% dress Harry like this too... down to the chain.