Inspired by @bjnovak and a running tally of things I like in the moment
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    Minimalism: A Documentary about the Important Things
    Available on Netflix. I cannot stop telling people about this. Minimalism helped me declutter my life.
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    This Is Us
    So you can cry while watching an episode in the airport and have a stranger hand you a tissue, no questions asked.
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    "A Closer Look" segment on Late Night with Seth Meyers
    His coverage of pre and post election has shown his not afraid of getting political. It's akin to his weekend updates on SNL.
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    Anna Faris is Unqualified podcast
    Funnier than Dr Drew Pinsky's Loveline with celebrities giving advice to callers. So many good episodes from Shaq to Adam Carolla to Jason Mantzoukas to Chris Evans.
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    I hate exercising but I found this gets out a lot of aggression I knew I kept pent up
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    My Favorite Murder podcast
    A podcast I obsessed about to the point where I talked about murder on a first date and didn't scare him off
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    Childish Gambino's "Awaken My Love"
    Redbone on repeat
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    Casey Affleck
    Besides fucking me up after watching Manchester by the Sea, the short he was in on SNL about Dunkin Donuts was a little too accurate.
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    LOLO's "In Loving Memory of When I Gave a Shit"
    Recommended by a friend and on constant rotation of albums I listen to now. Also, want this to be the title of my biography when I die.
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    Hoarding an organized mess
    I hoarded hundreds of postcards I'll never send, patches I'll never iron on, and pins I'll never stick on a jacket. And for that, I've organized them to be on display.
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    Low Roar "O"
    An actual CD I bought while in Iceland that has not left my car's CD player.
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    Super Mario Run
    You're damn right I paid $10 for this
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    White Collar
    Shocked I haven't watched this earlier but the binge watching is real.
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    Elliot Perlman's "Seven Types of Ambiguity"
    screwed up people and their screwed up lives- in book form.
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    This Harry Potter rap
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    Dr. Martens
    I bought these babies and never want to take them off because I feel like I can Spartan Kick someone so good.
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    Calum Scott's cover of Robyn's "Dancing On My Own"
    I listened to it seven times in a row while driving so I could sing it at the top of my lungs.
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    The Gift of Fear by Gavin De Becker
    A woman at a bar recommended this after I talked about the murder podcasts I listen to. Moral of the story: trust your gut.
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    Catfish and the Bottlemen
    Recommended by a friend with extensive music knowledge and I can't stop listening.
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    Denim skirts
    American Apparel went bankrupt and the site is 40% off. I didn't think I'd like it as much as I do. I've learned how to wear it with everything.
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    The People v. OJ Simpson
    So late to this game since I don't actually own a tv. But it's on Netflix and I can't stop watching even though I know what the ending is. I'm a true crime fanatic and CANNOT get enough.
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    Stila Highlighter
    Spent some money on this one from Sephora called kitten. GAME CHANGER YOU GUYS. Literally have random girls coming up to ask what highlighter I was using- which is basically the best compliment anyone could ever get
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    Schitt's Creek
    Started watching it on Netflix after I saw Daniel Levy being interviewed on Late Show with Stephen Colbert and I'm not disappointed at all.
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    Trevor Noah: Afraid of the Dark
    His attempt to do accents, his fan girl moment for Barack Obama, and how strong a pussy really is - all 💯
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    Abstract: The Art of Design
    A Netflix original that covers all aspects of design- photography to automobiles to footwear. An interesting and fascinating take on 8 different people's processes.
  26. •
    A web series (with only a few short videos so far!) that is painfully awkward to watch where people call dates that ghosted them to find out why. Why? Because we've all wanted to do it but never had the guts to. My personal favorite is Kyle's-
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    All the young Justin Trudeau photos surfacing
    Envious of Canada having a cooler leader than we do since Obama left office and had the coolest vacation. Currently debating young Justin versus young Joe Biden.
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    Katherine Ryan
    She talks about the game "relax" she played with her sister, having one of the top 4 best assholes a man has seen, and all the places she has been kicked out of for laughing.
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    Saint Raymond
    Found this guy from a poorly named Spotify playlist I'm obsessed with and have had his albums on repeat. V similar to Bastille.
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    Kirkland brand Classic Red Sangria
    For less than $7, you can buy a 1.5 L bottle of Sangria at Costco.
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    Amy Schumer: The Leather Special
    Available on Netflix. All her thoughts on a guys favorite question, "where should I come?" is all too real.
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    Chris Hemsworth working out
    Apparently, I'm really into watching famous people work out.
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    Spotify's Discover Weekly
    Such a newbie to Spotify that this feature was completely foreign to me until recently. So far, I've found out about so many new bands and even bought tickets to one playing in San Francisco next week.
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    Pete Souza on Instagram
    Former White House Photographer for the Obama Administration turned Current Instagram Shade Thrower for the Trump Adminstration
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    Available on Netflix, it was directed by Robert Schwartzman (lead singer of Rooney) about a guy wanting to open a piano bar.
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    Kogonada's Vimeo
    Facebook reminded me I posted about this three years ago but I'm still super into it. He had only ever edited this video essays and then made it to Sundance in 2017 with a film starring John Cho called "Columbus". Here's the link for the Wes Anderson supercut of his films centered exactly down the middle ( They also have supercuts for Anderson's films from above, Tarantino's from below, and Kubrick's one point perspective.
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    Drake's More Life playlist
    I could give a 2 hour Ted Talk on this playlist covering the transitions from each track, to the highs & lows, to the collaborations he did, to Kanye not making a song all about him, to new vernacular (what is blem? Side tings? Where is Gyalchester?) to having a stance on naps (where is Corrine to go off about everyone taking naps when you need her to?) to sampling a J.Lo song (dating? Yes/no?) I cannot get enough. BRB WHILE I PLAY GET IT TOGETHER AT THE BOY I LIKE UNTIL HE UNDERSTANDS 🤷🏻‍♀️
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    Netflix Live
    Out of all the April Fools pranks possible, I want Will Arnett to actually narrate everyday things all the time. I'm mad it's only 50 minutes long for a preview.
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    Louis C.K. 2017
    Abortion, religion, nine 11-deniers and a Matthew McConaughey impression from Magic Mike... no topic is off limits.
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    SNL stories on Snapchat
    Inside SoCal reminds me of all the guys I went to high school with and why I moved away.
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    Harry Styles' single "Sign of the Times"
    As a closeted one direction fan, I'm so for all of them having a solo career. (
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    Gel Petals
    Um, sorry not sorry but these nipple concealers are a game changer. I feel like most women are afraid of these but as a woman with large breasts that DGAF's about wearing a bra with a lace onesie- this are a godsend.
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    Dave Chappelle
    Anyone that can talk about OJ Simpson for over an hour has two thumbs up in my book.
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    Kendrick Lamar's DAMN.
    I still need three more listens before I can fully express all my thoughts about this. Rihanna rapping is my everything right now.
  45. •
    13 Reasons Why
    A whole lot of trigger warnings for watching this. V shitty characters that do v shitty things... But it was enough to keep me into it. Also, how do 17 years olds have tattoos in this?
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    Documentary Now!
    Seasons 1&2 available on Netflix but regularly airs on IFC. The brain child of Fred Armisen, Bill Hader and Seth Meyers- it's an intellectually funny take on the rise of documentaries. Each episode is a different faux documentary (the story, the characters, the way it's shot are all unique) and introduced by Helen Mirren. The photo is one of my favorites titled "Sandy Passage."
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    Vacation Obama
    TBH, he's just throwing it in our faces that he's having a good time while we are watching the world burn. But he's using an iPad to take a picture of Michelle and this tops any photo of him waterskiing.
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    Lucas Brothers: On Drugs
    A stand up comedy special would be if you talked to yourself. But I'm all for anyone that has good OJ Simpson jokes.
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    Tiny Desk Concerts from All Things Considered on NPR Music
    Feel like this is an underrated aspect of NPR. They have a wide variety of musical guests come in and play inside their office. This week was Chicano Batman, a band I had never heard of but dug the name. Notably have had the likes of Wilco to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros to Run the Jewels to Common performing at the White House (a first outside of the NPR office!) A lot of other music companies have started to adopt this idea
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    Casetify's New Standard phone cases
    As someone who went through four iPhones in the course of three months because Apple was like LOL NAH SHATTERED SCREENS ARENT COVERED IN APPLECARE I had to figure out a new plan. I watched a video on YouTube ( where they did a drop test. A lot of the designs are kitschy, but there are some minimal ones and even an option to design your own. Backplates run around $15 and the whole bumper/backplate set starts at $40. So worth it for accident prone people
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    Diplo's Snapchat
    I would probably never pay to see Diplo's show so his Snapchat is a way to enjoy his sets without actually shelling out the money. He's always snapping from his shows, his travels, his food, and his adorable little kids. It's definitely really interesting to see his life as a DJ from a different perspective.
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    Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer
    Got a free sample of this product to test out and I've already ditched using MAC's Pro Longwear Paint Pots. This goes on light and I pat it down even more before applying eyeshadow. It keeps it from building up in the crease and lasts all day.
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    Hello, This is Doris
    Available on Hulu. Sally Fields in a movie where her character is dealing with the death of her mother, staying unique with a colorful wardrobe, and crushing on a younger man (Max Greenfield) with a surprising number of well known celebrities (Natasha Lyonne, Jack Antonoff, Kumail Nanjiani, Peter Gallagher). Also has a pretty solid soundtrack.
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    Slutever on
    NSFW! Found this randomly on but there's five 15ish minute long videos of this woman (Karley Sciortino) talking to people about sex related topics. Episode one is the above picture where she goes behind the scenes of a love doll manufacturer that creates the first male sex doll. Spoiler alert: the penises look real. All five episodes are interesting but it was all topics I knew nothing about.
  55. •
    Hoop earrings
    Taking the saying "the higher the heel, the closer to god" but in hoop form today. This is the first time I've ever been associated with my Hispanic ethnicity by a stranger on the train who assumed I spoke Spanish to ask for directions. While that situation is problematic AF for society in general because cultural appropriation comes up, it was a breath of fresh air to be able to have a conversation in Spanish with a stranger that just knew I understood and didn't see me as "a white girl."
  56. •
    Hasan Minhaj at the White House Correspondents' Dinner
    ICYMI: ( Minhaj did not hold back in the slightest bit about the current administration. He absolutely killed it with so many solid points. So many people were groaning/covering their faces because they didn't want to be seen reacting. Rating it 11 out of 10 better than 45's actual Comedy Central Roast.
  57. •
    Casting JonBenet
    Everyone loves a good murder mystery- and JonBenet's is still unsolved. This documentary has people that are living in Boulder going through what happened with the case by reading for everyone involved with the case... the police chief, the parents, JonBenet herself. One of the strangest films I've watched but like a train wreck, I couldn't stop looking.
  58. •
    Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On
    I know the title is a little much to take in. A docu-series created by Rashida Jones (Ann Perkins from Parks & Rec) that's NSFW about sex, porn, dating, and the technology we live with today. It definitely touches on taboo subjects with the six episodes- a step up from the film she did about adult cams. It documents pornography being taken on by females, a 40 year old man on Tinder who regularly ghosts, and a teen that livestreamed her friend's rape and the repercussions she's facing from it.
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    Despacito Remix by Luis Fonsi feat. Justin Bieber
    It pains me to admit how much I truly like this song. BRB while I try to find someone to talk to about the way Justin Bieber pronounces words in Spanish
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    This gif of a girl to a cheeto impersonator
    New fave reaction gif to anyone that crosses me in text form. Because we all want to say it, not just think it.
  61. •
    Anderson Cooper rolling his eyes at Kellyanne Conway
    This silver fox couldn't control himself on tv after this robot of a woman kept talking and I am living for this.
  62. •
    Early morning flights
    With my travel luck, I leave extra time for flights in case I'm delayed or cancelled. Besides the downside of having to wake up at 4 AM to get to the airport to drop off a bag, most people don't fly super early. I was surrounded by nine empty rows and could actually lay down to sleep.
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    Harry Styles' self titled solo album
    Keeping this album on constant rotation for a while. Brb while I try not to discuss every song with strangers on the street
  64. •
    Master of None
    The second season is out on Netflix. Just like the first, it navigates the feeling of not knowing what to do in life, dating apps, coming out as gay to disapproving family members, and the complications of loving someone that doesn't love you back.
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    drakeoncake's instagram
    Ugh, I didn't know how much I needed beautiful crafted still life photography featuring Drake lyrics on desserts in my life until I found this.
  66. •
    Acai bowls
    I feel bougie for putting this but my favorites have been from Nekter and Jamba Juice. I usually hate bananas and can't stand the texture or sound they make. But I can actually eat them in these bowls!
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    Owl Paws
    Finally saw this band last night for the first time opening for two other solo acts I really enjoy. They are a local band in San Francisco but also have quite a few shows in LA- and have music on Spotify. They did a NativeSF video on the beach at Fort Funston ( with one of their newer songs
  68. •
    I got sucked into this because of girls at work. I actually dislike Sophia because she's bratty, entitled and reminds me of someone I used to work with. I'm really just here to see the scenes with Shane and how it all plays out.
  69. •
    Brad Pitt's cover editorial photographs by Ryan McGinley in GQ Style
    ‪Ryan McGinley as a photographer is fantastic because of his use of color in all his work. The time of day is truly key. But these photos of Brad Pitt in National Parks is absolutely unreal and I cannot love them more. Despite what has happened with him over the last few months, Brad Pitt was one of the first men little six year old me was into - and the style video embedded in the article continues to prove that six year old was right. (‬
  70. •
    Hasan Minhaj's Homecoming King
    Released on Netflix. Minhaj carefully crafts a hilarious and well thought out special focusing on his parents being immigrants, along his own immigrant story of growing up in America with heart crushing stories of racism and boyhood. Utilizes a slideshow backdrop for the show that coincides with the anecdotes he tells. He's really having a great year.
  71. •
    Niall Horan's Slow Hands single
    This sounds like a song you could have sex to.
  72. •
    nattesferd on Instagram
    A photographer that travels all over the place to get insane shots like this one from Norway. His website includes his portfolio. But on that, he includes a blog which is 50/50 split on images and text. He makes me want to head back to Iceland ASAP.
  73. •
    This first look at the newest American Crime Story
    I can forgive Ryan Murphy for making Glee because he really pulled through for me on People v. OJ. Maybe I just like murder too much...? But he's tackling the assassination of Gianni Versace (due out in 2018). Penelope Cruz plays Donatella, Darren Criss as Andrew Cunanan (his killer) and Ricky Martin as Gianni's partner.
  74. •
    This is a borderline hot take but cholula over tapatio every day.
  75. •
    Why did no one tell me about this Gossip-Girl-meets-Twin-Peaks show until now? Also, Luke Perry (from Beverly Hills, 90210 and my childhood crush) is in it and I'm getting a lot of Bruce Springsteen Born in the USA era vibes from him.
  76. •
    notes2myselfie on Instagram
    A really underrated Instagram by Jilly Hendrix of all the thoughts and anxieties I have but don't know how to formulate them into actual sentences.
  77. •
    Coach Kimmie black leather loafers
    This is, by far, the bougiest item of clothing I've ever owned. But, the second these little leather beauties touched my feet - I had to have them. Treat yo self 2017 is alive and well.
  78. •
    Francis and the Lights "May I Have This Dance" feat. Chance the Rapper's music video
    The same guy that got Justin Vernon from Bon Iver to do a lightly choreographed music video for Friends feat. Kanye also got Lil Chano from the 79th to dance too. Jake Schreier (director for Paper Towns) directed the video in one continuous shot and Chance raps about his daughter on his verse. The best part is the two of them actually performed the dance at Boston Calling this weekend. (
  79. •
    Elf clear mascara
    For two bucks, this double sided mascara works on eyelashes and brows. It's easy to use for different purposes: tame brows or a natural no makeup look or to jut put on lower lashes or as a base before putting on regular mascara.
  80. •
    Liam Payne feat. Quavo "Strip That Down" single
    The last of the 1D boys to go officially solo. I was already all about the song solely on the fact that Liam is my favorite. It makes me want to shake my ass, but not in the twerking sense. Not into: Liam's Hair. (
  81. •
    Bleachers new album, "Gone Now"
    I can't tell if I'm crying because I'm just drunk or just have a lot of repressed feelings. Either way, this album is incredible.
  82. •
    Childish Gambino's cover of Tamia's "So Into You"
    Performed on Triple J's Like A Version - which also has a special place in my heart because I love cover songs more than I should. Childish Gambino's voice is so smooth in this song. (
  83. •
    John Mayer's cover of Drake's "Passionfruit" in Amsterdam
    I didn't think it was possible for me to love this Drake song more until a friend showed me John Mayer covering it. He took a dance song and made it a slow jam, and I hate that I love it so much. This video is terrible quality though... (
  84. •
    Oh, Hello on Broadway
    As seen on Netflix. One of the strangest comedy acts I've seen. Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland (played by Nick Kroll and John Mulaney, respectively) are a pair of odd, old friends wanting to make it on Broadway. By far my favorite line of the show is "Treat a four like a six and she'll be grateful."
  85. •
    The Stanford Prison Experiment
    Available on Netflix. Based off of Dr. Philip Zimbardo's psychology experiment at Stanford in 1971 where 24 men were paid $15 a day to take on the role of prisoners and guards for two weeks. Shocking to watch because you start to forget this is based on a true story.
  86. •
    The Bachelorette
    I used to think this was trash tv but I got hooked last season after hearing a girl came out in a shark costume. Like stop trying to make wahboom happen. I already have my top 3 guys and my fingers are crossed. Also, dean is the one that first called out Lee for being racist 👏🏼
  87. •
    Drake's single "Signs"
    From the Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer 2018 collection. But it sounds like a hidden track from More Life and I am all for it. Probably the closest to One Dance. Screaming out "champagne with breakfast while I'm yawning. You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning" all summer long. Ugh and he references Winnie.
  88. •
    Chris D'Elia's Man on Fire special
    Netflix will probably flag my account for watching this more times than I'd like to admit. I don't care if anyone else thinks he's funny or not because I was laughing almost the entire time. The way is explains being in a relationship you don't want to be in was too real it hurt. I'm still upset about that time I spent $50 to see him and had my flight delayed.
  89. •
    Jason Momoa's commercial
    Obvi I pick the thirstiest screengrab I could find from the 8 and a half minute video. His production company called Pride of Gypsies made a film for Carhartt. Um, I'm sorry but if your commercial is having me feel some type of way over some jeans... your marketing guy deserves a raise. (
  90. •
    This tweet
    This entire twitter tread ignited a curiosity I didn't know I had. I read through all of it and I still have so many unanswered questions. I don't have a penis but I need to know if hands are needed to pee. Also, it became a hot topic with the 5 guys I work with seeing as I am the only female on the team.
  91. •
    Baby Driver
    I don't think I could talk enough about this movie. This film. This soundtrack. This cast. Just do yourself a favor and go see it.
  92. •
    dafstudio's Instagram stories
    TBH, I think I'm just really into watching attractive men work out. He normally posts his travels or selfies or stuff he's been working on. His Instagram stories lately have just been him working out and I'm not complaining (despite my hatred of having stories since it negates Snapchat but that's a whole other conversation.)
  93. •
    Mantaraybryn's album "Dark Shapes in the Water"
    Electro-pop that initially came up on my Discover weekly and might possibly be my new favorite album (even though it was released 2016 but whatevs). Made by a 23 year old from Cornwall named Bryn Evans. Two standout tracks for me are Tropics and Bullets in the Wind.
  94. •
    Commonwealth by Ann Patchett
    Received this book from one of the best pen pals could have ever produced @carmonac. It was such a page turner that I would hide to keep reading on my lunch breaks. It's a story about two families and marriage and the decisions they make that change everything.
  95. •
    Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Aloe
    The only aloe I fuck with as a fair skinned person.
  96. •
    Chance the Rapper's Tiny Desk Concert
    If someone needed a perfect example of the human species, it would be Chance. (
  97. •
    The Standups
    On Netflix. I had never heard of Nate Bargatze or Beth Stelling before watching this. They have two of the funniest sets I've ever watched.
  98. •
    Friends from College
    On Netflix now. Led with the majority of the focus on Keegan Michael Key, he is definitely surrounded by an equally funny cast and cameos. Who knew Fred Savage would be in something I else I liked besides the Wonder Years. Seth Rogen makes his way into one of them too.