I've reached a point in my life where tattoos aren't a big deal to me, but a big deal to my family
  1. I'm doing this one handed
  2. I decided on the outside of my wrist
  3. This hurts way more than I remember all my other ones
  4. Like straight bone he keeps going over and over
  5. I have to pee but feel bad telling him to stop since he just started
  6. He's barely finished the outline and I thought he was almost done
  7. You know when someone tells you to sit still so it you feel more antsy? That's me right now
  8. They just gave me some Japanese strawberry chocolate in a cube and it was pretty good
  9. My biggest fear just came true... I'm now the last paying customer here
  10. He's on my bone again and it feels like a million little knifes scraping bone marrow
  11. All the boys in this shop are stoked on this image
  12. I have reached a zen like state 20 minutes in where I have numbed myself to feel no pain
  13. He finished and I'm typing this from the bathroom because I held my pee for so long
  14. I immediately feel so badass like DGAF
  15. Meet my tattooer
    Him and the shop he is at have some of the coolest people there
  16. Here's my tattoo of a grim reaper
    Via snapchat and wrapped up. I feel like my chronological tattoo list way back when needs to get updated now
  17. Edit: here it is without the wrap