With Valentine's Day coming so soon, this is fairly appropriate💕
  1. Listen to me when I talk, and actually remember things I say
    I'm quiet and make a better listener, so when I talk it has a purpose
  2. Take me on a date to somewhere we've both never been
    I've been wanting to go to the old church they converted into a roller disco rink *hint hint* or to see deadpool *HINT HINT*
  3. Make me a mix cd
    hopefully with handwritten track lists that you thoughtfully planned out... And I still have a CD player in my car so I would definitely listen to it in a heartbeat. The love of my life in seventh grade made me a mix cd with the get up kids and I still own it. Ethan Merriman, if you're out there 💕
  4. Let me talk about SNL/The X Files/Chuck Palahniuk for great lengths at a time
  5. Understand how ridiculous my relationship with my sister is... And let it be
    I would drop everything if she called me right now. I text her every day. I love her more than I have ever loved anyone else. Do not think she does not matter to me.
  6. Do not lecture me.
    I mess up. I'm not human. I'm not perfect. But we can talk about our frustrations without it becoming one sided.
  7. Small gestures are grand gestures IMHO
    It means something made you think of me. And the story behind that means so much more
  8. Rub my back until I fall asleep
    There is nothing better in the world than someone rubbing the side of back. Blame my father for holding me this way as a child when I wouldn't go to bed.
  9. Give me any sort of attention
    I will eat that shit up. Text me asking how my day was. Bake me some cookies. Tag me in a stupid video on Instagram. Glance at me from across the room. I will swoon every. Fucking. Time. 😍