Sifting through the gems so you don't have to... (Arizona edition)
  1. Static
    I think he's confused on who @bjnovak is...
  2. Static
    Not really the first question I'd start out with but okay...
  3. Static
    The double winky faces were a little much for me.
  4. Static
    I almost wrote Dexter but had to refrain from getting flagged.
  5. Static
    His two pictures were just of his abs.
  6. Static
    Not the first person to ask me out for taco Tuesday... but my weakness is Mexican food.
  7. Static
    This feels like he didn't know what line to use first so he just went with all three.
  8. Static
    It took three years for someone to give up on you?
  9. Static
    I didn't respond and then he sent the last one hours later 🙅🏻
  10. Static
    Thank god I got his approval to not drink coffee.
  11. Static
    A lot of double texters in Arizona.
  12. Static
    Would have met him at the airport in a heartbeat.
  13. Static
    Haha, his subject change when I didn't respond right away.
  14. Static
    This feels a lot like an email.
  15. Static
    I'm mad I fell for this.
  16. Static
    No shame in this one.
  17. Static
    Didn't think bots were a huge thing on her but wait until you read how Trent made this even better...
  18. Static
  19. Static
    Priorities, man.
  20. Static
    TBH, the only one I gave my number to.
  21. Static
    Had to include this because of the effort. Spotify was linked to it and shrek's anthem was all star by Smash Mouth.