My dad told me I filed my taxes wrong and I should be "single and zero" forever...
  1. Static
    A gif only conversation that led nowhere
  2. Static
    I wish I could say the same for him but he had one picture and it was a group one 🙄
  3. Static
    Why does this feel like he just plugs in a new name each time?
  4. Static
    Hay is for horses 🐎
  5. Static
    Not a compliment I want right off the bat but okay
  6. Static
    This is a weird mixture of questions.
  7. Static
    Still waiting on that response about the tattoo tbh
  8. Static
    Except he has a 5 year old son and his profile was linked to his Instagram where he has posts with his girlfriend 🙄
  9. Static
    Why does no one proofread before sending?
  10. Static
    Wait, what?
  11. Static
    Just skip the pleasantries and say "let's fuck"
  12. Static
    I don't know what's worse: the options or the fact that it's copy and pastes from his notes app?
  13. Static
    This reeks of 2AM regret.
  14. Static
    Wished this would have been a missed connection instead.
  15. Static
    I was immediately unmatched.
  16. Static
    No response after my Outkast gif but it was too good to pass up.
  17. Static
    Ew for so many reasons.
  18. Static
    This one sided conversations was over the course of an entire day.
  19. Static
    Nothing wrong with being a little spoon...
  20. Static
    Until you call someone a nut job.
  21. Static
    I wear a silver band on my RIGHT ring finger, but am willing and accepting any marriage offers with duel citizenship.
  22. Static
    One of two guys out of this list I've given my number to, after acknowledging our mutual love for black clothes and cats.
  23. Static
    I should stop drunk tindering.
  24. Static
    The one guy I held an actually conversation with that led to me giving him my number and it never leading to anything... FML 🤷🏻‍♀️