While my time in the great state of Pennsylvania -where the drinking is heavy and the boys have playoff beards - is slowly coming to an end, I realized tinder is trash everywhere.
  1. Static
    He compared my dad to Al Pacino and Willam Dafoe - two actors that look nothing alike.
  2. Static
    Why I don't send messages first. He's actually really hot.
  3. Static
    Just gifs of pups exchanged
  4. Static
    He was forward enough to suggest going to the game together and then casually mentions he's a private investigator. I've watched enough Law & Order to know that's not good.
  5. Static
    Guys - stop using ab pics
  6. Static
    He lived near my hotel but it turned into a chase of trying to meet up for a drink 🙄
  7. Static
    Whoops, I slept with him. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  8. Static
    He looked like a chubby Dane Cook. Also, learn how to spell because
  9. Static
    Didn't read bio until this message where he explains the child in the picture is his 😳
  10. Static
    I only swiped because of the cat in the picture
  11. Static
    This was sent at 6:12 AM.
  12. Static
    He ghosted me when I said I'd meet him at Mario's wtf
  13. Static
    Just keeping him posted on my travel plans
  14. Static
    Part two of just keeping him posted on my travel plans
  15. Static
    Get chu a man that knows his history 🙄
  16. Static
    NO 👏🏼 ONE 👏🏼 CALLS 👏🏼 IT 👏🏼 SAN 👏🏼 FRAN 👏🏼 OR 👏🏼 CALI 👏🏼also, you lived in the town next to when I grew up so hard pass
  17. Static
    I still can't tell if he added the extra 'the' to be funny or if it was a genuine mistake.
  18. Static
    Um obvi not ok with that
  19. Static
    Probably the nicest message I've ever received
  20. Static
    I'm sure that's also what Ted Bundy said.
  21. Static
    Priorities 🐶
  22. Static
    So obvi I was like, um def didn't read his bio then...
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  24. Static
    Why is this a thing?
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