I love list requests but take forever with them so I'm forever grateful when someone sends me one (@nathanveshecco 😘). Here's my life from beginning to end.
  1. It's Gonna Be Me // *NSYNC
    For my formative years. I cannot even begin to explain how shocked I was to find out Lance Bass was into men?! My first concert was with my dad to see them at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. I was stoked and my dad was not. The next concert he got tickets to was Blink 182 and No Doubt before they all broke up. I discovered what marijuana smelled like there, much to his dismay. Also, it's become a solid discography to sing to in the car. https://open.spotify.com/track/2AW37v0bDyuOzGP3XnmFuA
  2. Together We'll Ring In the New Year // Motion City Soundtrack
    "Why did I come? Oh, why did I come here? These humans all suck. I'd rather be home feeling violent and lonely." My world was turned upside down when I was 11, after my mom died. I got angsty and questioned everything. My dad got cancer a few years later and I couldn't believe it was happening again. I hated people, was going through this awkward transition in life and didn't feel like anyone understood it so this type of music helped. https://open.spotify.com/track/4XU7FgzGwzV7OE3XKdZ3qn
  3. You Are A Tourist // Death Cab for Cutie
    "And if you feel just like a tourist in the city you were born, then it's time to go and define your destination. There's so many different places to call home." This defines my life choice of moving 500+ miles away from my hometown of 18 years to a place I had never visited before for college. I fought with my dad and he eventually gave in. I haven't left this city for the last 7 years and I rarely go home because I'm reminded of what was. I'm stuck in this limbo of not knowing where home is.
  4. Girls/Girls/Boys // Panic At The Disco
    My love life in a nutshell... we can never be with the one we want and you're always stuck in the middle. I constantly like the one that's taken so I'll probably be forever single with my two cats. Can we also talk about how he looks in this music video for a sec, okay thanks?! https://open.spotify.com/track/2wEjPgOCEczmjlvq60LyQi
  5. Close // Nick Jonas
    Yeah, judge me... The track that explains my unrequited love for strangers that don't know I exist. Here's to hoping I make an impression worthy enough for a Craigslist Missed Connection one day. https://open.spotify.com/track/2wEjPgOCEczmjlvq60LyQi
  6. Me Too // Megan Trainor
    I heard this on the radio the other day and I was feeling it. You know those days when you woke up feeling refreshed, was on time for work, wore a killer outfit and felt like no one could step to you because you're feeling yourself? That's how I feel but in song form. https://open.spotify.com/track/5Jaju68YS0OV6k3b3WLejP
  7. Switch // Will Smith
    Bet you forgot he made some killer songs. When I drink a decent amount of alcohol, I turn into a dancing machine. I will dance to anything. To the point where I've coined the term of my group of friends getting sloppy as being a "slobkabob". My signature move is to point both arms at you from one side and squat lower to the ground to the beat until you dance with me. It works every time. https://open.spotify.com/track/5Jaju68YS0OV6k3b3WLejP
  8. Landslide // Fleetwood Mac
    This song is for me, currently. It's me holding hands with my best friend, seeing this song live for the third time while we Stevie Twirl like gypsies. It's me freaking out that she might not be with me much longer. It's me telling her after a few drinks I would be her surrogate if she decided to have children and truly meaning it. It's me terrified for the future, the one without her. It's me, scared but putting on a brave face for her. https://open.spotify.com/track/5ihS6UUlyQAfmp48eSkxuQ
  9. January Wedding // The Avett Brothers
    That saying that every little girl has dreamed of their wedding is true for me. I love everything about weddings- the dress, the photos, the reception, everything. All those ridiculous Rom-Coms about weddings? I've seen them 10+ times. My guilty pleasure is watching Say Yes to the Dress. I have essentially planned my entire wedding right now. But I don't believe I will ever get married. If I ever did, this would be my first dance song. https://open.spotify.com/track/4agZCOTdZDD4r33mPPDy8b
  10. Hallelujah // Jeff Buckley
    I ugly cry every time I hear the deep breath he does before starting to playing. I get so emotional about this song that even listening to the first few seconds to get this darn link made me teary eyed. It's the song I want at my funeral, have voiced it openly with my family in turn making them emotional about it too. It's only fitting to be the last song. https://open.spotify.com/track/74X1epeRufHckhuX1KFD04