1. When I mess up at work and silently think this at my coworkers
  2. When someone starts yelling at me over a topic I wasn't that passionate about to begin with
  3. When I see PDA
  4. When I think I look good in an outfit
  5. When people ask me what I want to do with my life
  6. When I get my nails done
  7. When I want to live that champagne lifestyle on a beer budget
  8. When someone tries to talk to me while I'm on my phone
  9. When I secretly wish I could be rude to half the people I converse with daily
  10. When I wonder why no one wants to grab a drink after work
  11. When someone throws shade at me and I'm petty enough to throw it right back
  12. When I have to pretend what my boss said was really funny even though I know she hates me
  13. When I have a self realization moment
  14. When I... Actually my daily thought 90% of the time