1. Static
    Well that escalated quickly.
  2. Static
    I needed my sister to know about the 4 minute long YouTube video of Jake Gyllenhaal manhandling a tire in the gym as prep work for Southpaw.
  3. Static
    When the storm of the century hit SFO causing my flight to be cancelled, I was standing at the board trying to figure out what other airport I could fly into. I laughed at the paging happening over intercom, which no one else found funny.
  4. Static
    My almost two year old niece has figure out Snapchat has hilarious filters. I said she looked like the actor, Wayne Knight, from Space Jam.
  5. Static
    Sent to my dad, who always answers the phone "can you hear me?" and asked if he's been scamming me all these years. Jokes on him because I'm worthless.
  6. Static
    For a tweet asking why all four of them look like variations of one guy. Also, instagram- I get it... I'm single. I don't need you rubbing it in with sponsored posts.
  7. Static
    A guy I dated made this as his Christmas card and I had never laughed harder in my entire life.
  8. Static
    As seen in Sweden.
  9. Static
    To explain why I'd want to go to Greece for a month alone.
  10. Static
    This guy made a PowerPoint as his tinder pictures and my sister didn't find it as funny as I did.
  11. Static
    For the great dolphin versus shark debate for the first episode of this season's Bachelor.
  12. Static
    Sent to my best friend saying, even tinder is telling me there's no one for me.
  13. Static
    One of my photographs was published on VSCO and I screenshot when things like this happen on social media. Like when trending and getting featured was a thing on here.
  14. Static
    I needed to remind my sister this happened at 3 AM after drinking.
  15. Static
    Trying to explain the BBC social yoga video with these hunks in kilts to my best friend