I honestly cannot remember what stuffed animals I had as a child, but was terrified of them after watching the movie, Chucky. However, I am that rare adult who owns stuffed animals - much like the requester himself, @nathanveshecco 🙃 and also because I'm sentimental AF
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    Baby Hedgehog
    I went on a date with an ex boyfriend to the Aquarium of the Bay. No otters were present, even though that's the reason he took me. I was very disappointed. Kept this for sentimental reasons since I think it's adorable. But also because I'm a borderline hoarder...?
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    Baby Sea Otter
    I went on a weekend getaway with a friend to Monterey, California last year- specifically to go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We drove out, ate a nice dinner, ordered a movie at the hotel, slept in, got breakfast, explored, then went to the aquarium. She let me sit at the otter exhibit for at least an hour and I watched them swim back and forth. I'm telling you guys... This is like Kristen Bell/Sloth level of excitement. I bought this one at the gift shop because I couldn't leave with a real one
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    Baby Simba
    I watched Disney movies on VHS when I was a child because that was the only way I would shut up for 120 minutes. I had a small Timon toy when I was little that my older sister and I fought over. She bought this for me three Christmases ago because she said it reminded her of us younger. We are both older and have grown out separate ways, but it meant a lot to me that after all these years something as insignificant as a fight over a toy still stuck with her.
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    Baby Sea Otter
    I moved from my hometown (where I graduated with a group of kids I went to kindergarten with!) to San Francisco right after high school. I had never been away from home for a long time and I knew one person in the entire city- my best friend who moved up with me. We went out to explore the city- which meant going to the touristy part of San Francisco, Pier 39. My favorite animal is a sea otter. I've had this for six, almost seven years.
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    Baby Canadian Moose
    I love my sister more than anyone in the world. My sister and I went on a weeklong road trip from California to Canada. It was our first big trip we took by ourselves. We were terrified our hotel was haunted because we heard what sounded like marbles dropping on the wooden floor and held hands until we fell asleep because we were too scared. We drove two hours to Whistler to go bungee jumping (which took a lot of convincing). I bought this after we did it and ate a nice lunch in the village.
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    Baby Bear
    My father and I argue because we are so similar and stubborn. I say I'm the favorite, even though I know it's not true. I gave him the nickname "papa bear" in high school and have refused to call him anything else. The name stuck and he started signing emails, birthday cards, etc with "papa bear" to "baby bear". I flew down to see him in 2014 for my birthday and he surprised me at the airport with my sister with a sign that said "BABY BEAR" with this bear. My sister said it was all his idea. 🙈