This was harder than I thought and I will probably add to this when I think of more...
  1. Fire Shooter
    Tequila, lime juice, and that fire sauce 🔥
  2. Baja Sunrise
    A variation of a tequila sunrise mixed with that Baja Blast Mountain Dew
  3. Cinnamon Twister
    Whisky with the leftover residue of cinnamon twists as the garnish on the rim
  4. Cheesy Gordita Punch
    A mixture of pineapple juice and vodka so it stays with the yellowish coloring?
  5. Panchos Bellgrande
    A take on the favorite, nachos bell grande. A large margarita made with Pancho's tequila.
  6. Double Decker Deal
    A remix on the "slap and a shot" of your choice- just twice the fun!