1. I don't appreciate that communication is usually only on your terms.
  2. I told you last time I didn't playing games with you and you knew my true feelings.
  3. Yet, at the sign of a "weird" situation you still chose to bail... You know, the one where I was silent in the car during a date while you made other plans for that night and checked Instagram.
  4. You used me being an introvert as a crutch... A handy excuse to place the blame on anyone but yourself... And I stupidly fell for it every time.
  5. It's funny because, after all those lectures you were constantly giving me about how I needed to communicate more and be open with how I felt, you can't even take your own advice.
  6. This made me realize how much I didn't trust you... Whether it was trust that you were truly listening to what I saying, trust that you weren't cheating even though we weren't in an outright relationship, trust that there would be a next time I'd see you.
  7. You work in social media and yet you still had the audacity to post a drunken video with another girl, as if knowing I'd see it and you wouldn't have to say anything to me.
  8. At least be man enough to tell me our time is over.
  9. I'm a fool for thinking this time would have been any different.
  10. I thought I loved you, but I wish I had never met you.